Let’s face it, we all have them – bad hair days – and they really are the enemy. For weeks all is well, until you wake up one morning and something just isn’t right. Your hair has a mind of its own, and nothing seems to tame it!

Today we all live busy lifestyles, and so misbehaving hair isn’t ideal when there is little time to fix it. If you’re having a bad hair day, here’s how to handle it, so that you can still step out in style and feeling your best…

  1. When Your Natural Curls Won’t Behave

Curly hair is the most unruly – sometimes you wake up with locks to die for, other days your hair is a little all over the place and just can’t be tamed. When you wake up with little time to spare and your curls all over the place, the only answer is to put it up. A curly and ‘un-done’ top knot always looks stylish, and is the perfect way to turn your bad hair day into a good hair day. Scoop your hair up and have a quick play around to get the placement of your curls right, secure with bobby pins and then pull out a few wisps of hair around your face to soften. Simple.

  1. When There’s No Time to Wash Your Hair

It’s actually better for your hair to avoid washing it too often. We know that feeling though – when you’ve been meaning to wash your hair for a few days, and something else just gets in the way, so you end up with a less than desirable slightly greasy look. Dry shampoo could be the answer, but not all dry shampoos are great for your scalp and hair. Try a dry shampoo that uses natural ingredients, spritz into your roots, tip your head upside down and blast with the hair drier quickly. You’ll end up with hair that’ll go at least another day and great volume at the roots.

  1. When Your Dry and Brittle Hair Just Can’t Be Tamed

So this is the one that means it’s time to book a hair cut. When hair becomes dry and brittle it’s extremely difficult to manage. This could be caused by heat damage, exposure to the sun or over processing when it comes to dyes and bleaches. Hair also naturally starts to split at the ends over time, so a regular trim is a must if you want to avoid unmanageable and unruly hair.

If you’re getting to the stage where almost every day is a bad hair day because of your dry locks, book in for a trim, and consider a conditioning treatment too to breathe life back into your hair.

What are your bad hair day tips? Comment and let us know.