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Where to Save and Spend When it Comes to Your Hair

Having healthy hair that makes you feel confident doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, it’s all about knowing what’s worth splashing out on, and what you can afford to spend a little less on. Read on to find out more…


Your Cut

The first thing to avoid every scrimping on is your cut. A good cut is well worth what you pay for it, and trying to cut corners here could only result in an error that you’re stuck with for a long time. It’s important to think about your hair as a whole here, for the foreseeable future, as a bad cut can’t just be sorted out with the next cut a few months later, a bad cut is likely to impact your future styles for the best part of a year.

When it comes to your cut, stick with a hairdresser that already knows your hair well, and don’t be tempted to pop for a cheap cut every now and then to try and save some pennies.

Your Colour

Your colour is another element that’s worth spending a little extra on. If you were to go down the at-home dye route, these are often much more damaging to the hair, and generally the results won’t last as long as a professional colour. In choosing to have your hair coloured professionally, the results will be much better, and your hair will be healthier and glossier with a longer lasting colour.

Your Conditioner

A good conditioner is worth its weight in gold. Nourishing, hydrating and smoothing the hair, your conditioner will make your hair more manageable, as well as improving hair health and reducing breakage and split ends. If you have a conditioner that you know works well for your hair, stick with it, or start to understand your hair type to determine what sort of conditioner would work best for you. Where possible, choose conditioners that are sulphate and paraben free.


Your Shampoo

It’s your conditioner that makes much of the difference to the health of your hair, so you can afford to save a little when it comes to choosing a shampoo. Much like conditioner, it’s best to choose a shampoo that’s paraben and sulphate free, but it’s not particularly necessary to go for a hydrating or smoothing shampoo, for example, as you can get these benefits from your conditioner.

Your Treatment:

Every once in a while, a deep conditioning treatment when you visit the hairdressers is a lovely treat, but have you considered creating your own at home hair mask to give your hair a boost? There are lots of great recipes that often use simple pantry items such as eggs, making a DIY mask a great alternative to regular expensive treatment.

Now that you know where you should spend and save on your hair care, you’ll be better equipped to ensure that your money goes a long way when it comes to achieving healthy hair that you love.

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Bridal Hair and Makeup Trends for 2019

With each new year comes a collection of stunning new bridal trends, alongside the classic and traditional looks. 2019 is a fantastic year to be getting married, as bridal hair and beauty advance further than ever before. Here are the top bridal hair and makeup trends for 2019, to take note of and adapt to suit your own unique style…

Undone Updos

Following the royal wedding in 2018, where Megan Markle chose an undone bun as her bridal hair style, the undone updo is one of the most popular styles for the season ahead. Essentially a messy bun, the undone updo looks soft, pretty and feminine. To create this look, you can either tease a few hairs free from a low slung bun, or tease a few hairs free from the front to frame the face or both.

Team with: this look requires a soft and pretty approach to makeup too. Ideal for spring and summer, try going for lightly bronzed skin, lots of highlighter along the cheekbones, and a pretty pale pink lip.

The Updates Half-Up Style

For years half up half down styles have been a popular choice for brides, with lots of volume at the crown and the upper half of the hair being secured at the back. For 2019 this style gets a subtle update with a Grecian feel. Instead of putting half the hair up, just take small sections from either side at the front. These sections should then be laid flat and secured with a few grips, for a simple and chic style.

Team with: this style can be worn with straight hair or wavy locks. If you opt for straight hair, try a simple makeup look, with a thin line of black liquid liner along the lids and a sweep of blush pink lipstick. For wavy hair, try a coral lip, patted with balm and a natural eye.

Centre Parted Straight Locks

Increasingly so, brides are sidestepping the more fussy updo for cool and simple styles. The centre part was seen all over the Autumn 2019 Bridal Fast Week runways, with a focus on straight locks, as well as some more tousled styles. This might sound a bit ‘every day’ and perhaps not very special for your big day, but think about how you’ll feel most comfortable and beautiful, if that’s with your hair down, go for hair down.

Team with: soften the look of straight hair and straight centre parts with glowing dewy skin, pretty eye-makeup with a palette of nudes and whites with a soft shimmer, and a pale plum lip. When it comes to choosing your bridal look, the most important thing is consultations and test runs, to make sure you’re completely happy with your style before your big day.

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How to Tell When it’s Time to Visit Your Hairdresser

That golden time period between your cut and colour can seem a little illusive. Some people say it’s six weeks, others three months, and some say it’s just when ‘you feel ready’, so how can you tell when you should visit your hairdresser?

Lots of factors play a role in this, such as your hair length, style, type and whether you colour your hair. To help you recognise the signs, here’s how to tell when it’s time to visit your hairdresser…

Your hair doesn’t look quite right

What you might not realise is that your hair grows at different rates from different parts of your head, which over time might result in layers becoming much longer than you intended, and the shape being lost from your hair. If you’re starting to feel like your hair isn’t sitting right, this might be the reason and is a good indicator that it’s time for a restyle or a tidy up.

Your style is barely visible anymore

If you have your hair cut into a specific style, such as a blunt bob or with lots of layering and feathering, as your hair grows your style will essentially grow out. In addition, if you like your hair at a specific length, of course as a few months pass your hair will no longer be at that length. If your style is starting to fade due to growth, it’s time for a refresh to get your shape back.

Your roots are starting to show

Of course, if you colour your hair after 4-8 weeks your roots will start to show. How prominent they really depend on how different your hair colour is to your natural colour, and how quickly your hair grows. Once roots become noticeable, it’s time to book in for a colour refresh.

Your hair is becoming difficult to manage

Have you ever noticed after a cut that your hair not only feels and looks great but just seems easier to manage and style too? This is because any dryness and split ends can create frizz, making hair generally unruly and tricky to keep in check. If you’re finding your hair difficult to style, or if it’s not really holding its style anymore, that’s a clear sign that it’s in need of some TLC. If in doubt, book a consultation to discuss any issues you’re having and get professional advice. We’re always happy to help and can help you better understand how often your hair needs a trim, colour or restyle.

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Top 5 Remedies for Dry Hair

While dry hair isn’t just about the products that you use, what you do put on your hair goes a long way towards determining whether it will be healthy and glossy, or dry and brittle. In addition, the way you care for your hair and what you eat all go towards how healthy your hair is. Here are five remedies to consider, if you’re suffering from dry hair…

1. Address your diet

How healthy your hair is reflects how healthy and varied your diet is. If you often suffer from dry and brittle hair, looking at your diet and making a few changes could make a huge difference over time. Consider introducing a multivitamin to your diet, or a skin, hair and nail supplement, which contains vitamins that are vital to the hair, such as vitamin A, C, biotin and iron.

In addition, a diet rich in omega-3s and antioxidants will help your hair be thick and glossy. Try introducing salmon, sardines and tuna to your diet, as well as nuts, blueberries, tomatoes and broccoli.

2. Have a trim

If your hair is dry all over, particularly so at the ends, it could be as a result of split ends. When the ends of the hair split, unless they are regularly trimmed, the hair can split up the length causing it to become dry and unmanageable.

The answer could be having a trim, to get rid of any split ends making your hair difficult to care for. Always ask the advice of your hair dresser – in some cases you might have to have more off than you would like, but this allows you to start again with healthy hair, and work towards maintaining this.

3. Use a weekly treatment

A weekly treatment can help to soften dry hair, and over time can improve the overall condition of your hair. If your hair is very dry, it’s best to have a trim, but once any split ends have been removed, a regular deeply hydrating treatment will help you keep on top of healthy and glossy hair.

Try the Damage Remedy Intensive Restructuring treatment from Aveda, which helps to repair, seal and smooth damaged hair to make it more manageable.

4. Reduce heat styling

Drying your hair, curling and straightening will all cause damage, which will add up over time. If your hair is already damaged, continuing to heat style will just make it worse, and might be the reason why your hair has become dry in the first place. Wherever possible, allow your hair to air dry, and only heat style for special occasions to give your hair a chance to recover.

5. Reduce hair washing

Our scalps produce sebum, which is actually an essential oil to healthy hair and a healthy scalp. When you wash your hair every day, you give your hair little chance to benefit from the natural oils your scalp produces. Wherever possible, aim to wash your hair 2-3 times a week at the most. You’ll soon start to see the difference, as your hair is nourished by the natural oils.

Dry hair can be really frustrating and difficult to manage, but it is possible to get on top of it and transform your hair. For further advice and assistance with your dry hair, get in touch.

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How to Make your Hair Colour Last Longer

A colour refresh can be just the ticket when it comes to revitalising our look, but how can we make the results last longer? There are a few ways in which you can make your colour results last, for hair that looks vibrant and rich with a healthy shine…

Avoid very hot showers

We know that hot showers can strip our skin of moisture, but did you know that very hot water can also reduce the life of your hair colour? When the water temperature is high, it opens the cuticle of the hair, releasing the colour and moisture. Where possible, use room temperature water, and if you can bear it, use cold water for your final rinse to seal the cuticle again.

Invest in a shower filter

Chemicals, chlorine and minerals in water can strip your hair colour much faster than soft water would. In addition, hard water also strips the hair of natural oils, which are essential to your hair health. If you live in a hard water area, consider investing in a shower filter to remove harmful elements from the water.

Avoid washing your hair too frequently

Straight after your new colour, try to wait to wash your hair for at least two days, and from then try not to wash your hair any more than 2-3 times each week. The less you wash your hair, the longer your colour will last. When you do come to wash your hair, use a gentle sulfate-free shampoo, to help prolong your colour even more.

Use a heat protectant

A huge part of making your colour last longer is down to your hair health. When your hair is strong and healthy, the integrity of your colour will remain for as long as possible. If you do heat style your hair, use a heat protector, such as the brilliant damage control by Aveda, which will minimise damage and breakage caused by heat styling.

Avoid rich hair masks

When it comes to glossy and rich hair colour, using a deep conditioning mask regularly seems like a great idea. The reality is that rich masks can fade brunette and red shades more quickly. This is because the treatments are designed to get deep into the hair follicle, which means when it’s rinsed out, it can take the colour molecule with it, resulting in your colour fading quicker.

Avoid this by opting for a good everyday conditioner that’s gentle and moisturising, without it being too strong.

A few simple changes to your routine could help your colour last longer. Of course no matter how careful we are, colour does still need a refresh from time to time, to keep it looking vibrant, glossy and healthy.

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How to Care for Long Hair

Naturally, long hair is said to be the most desirable style among around the world, with almost all of us saying that we have tried to grow our hair long at one stage or another. Our hair grows around six inches each year, which might sound like quite a lot, but when you consider trims and also breakage, it can take quite some time to get some decent length to your hair.

Hair care is key when it comes to growing and looking after long hair. Here’s a few tips to encourage growth, and create glossy and healthy long hair…

Avoid over washing

A healthy scalp is key to growing strong and healthy hair. This means avoiding stripping your scalp of its natural oils too often, as they are essential to hair growth. Aim to wash your hair no more than two-three times per week, to allow your scalp and roots to benefit from the oils that are produced naturally.

Use the right brush

Using the wrong brush for your hair could cause damage and breakage, which is going on long-term will make growing your hair tricky. Choose a wide-tooth comb, or a brush that’s specifically designed to detangle – GHD is great for high-quality brushes that are kind to your hair. When it comes to getting knots out of your hair while causing the least damage, start at the bottom and work the knots out as you move up towards your parting.

Stay hydrated

Hydration is key to hair health, and one of the best ways that you can encourage hair growth is by staying well hydrated. Try and drink at least two litres of water each day. It can be easy to not drink enough when we’re on the go a lot – if this is the case, make sure you always have a bottle of water with you wherever you go, by investing in a reusable bottle.

Prevent breakage while you sleep

Did you know that you can damage your hair while you sleep? A lot of breakage can occur at night, especially if you move around quite a lot as you sleep. Try investing in a silk pillowcase to reduce this, or protect your hair by putting in a loose plait before you go to sleep.

Avoid heat styling where possible

While you’re trying to  grow your hair and once your hair is nice and long, keep heat styling to a minimum as this will cause dryness, damage and breakage. This means reducing use of hair dryers, straighteners and curling tongs. Try alternative ways to styling your hair, such as rollers or by plaiting when damp, and when you do style your hair, use a good quality heat protector, such as brilliant damage control by Aveda.

Just a few tweaks to your routine will help you achieve long, strong and healthy hair. Don’t forget to have your split ends trimmed every 3-6 months, to avoid damaged hair that can split up the length.

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5 Simple Ways to Refresh your Hair for Spring

Let’s face it, we can all start to feel in a bit of a rut with our style every once in a while. From time to time, it just feels right to mix things up a little, but when you’re in the mood for a revamp, it can be tricky to know what to do to refresh your look and boost your spirits. Here are five simple ways to refresh your hair for spring…

1. Introduce sun kissed ends

Balayage has been popular for quite some time now, and it’s clear to see why. Replicating the natural tones you might find in sun kissed hair, balayage just seems to life your entire look and makes your skin glow. In addition, it’s a great way to subtly update your style without going for a complete colour overhaul. Try sun kissed ends in warm tones to nail this season’s hottest look.

2. Try a half updo

Sometimes a cut or colour isn’t the answer, and all you need to do is try styling your hair a little differently to soothe your itch for change. This spring, try a pretty half updo with a laid back topknot. Wear the length of your hair wavy, and scoop the top section back. Twist into a topknot, secure with pins and tease a few stands out, for a soft and pretty style that gets your hair away from your face for the warmer weather.

3. Go short

Shorter hair can be really refreshing for the summer months, making your hair feel lighter and easier to manage. Consider a blunt bob in 2019 for a style overhaul. This look isn’t for the faint hearted as it features angular lines, but your stylist can help you find the perfect length and finish for your face shape.

4. Invest in a conditioning treatment

Sometimes all we need is a little pick-me-up, rather than a new style. Over the winter months, your hair can suffer, becoming dry and brittle because of the cold weather and indoor heating. If you like your style, but feel like it needs a bit of help, invest in a conditioning treatment to reintroduce a healthy and glossy shine, or to tidy up split ends, book in for a trim.

5. Introduce a fringe for longer locks

If you have long hair and you want to keep your length, a great way to update your look is with a fringe. For the spring, consider going for a feathered fringe that’s thicker and a little longer to the sides, and lighter to the centre. This style looks really striking with long, wavy or curly hair

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Top Tips to Make the Most of your Salon Appointment

Whether you’re booked in for a trim, a complete restyle or a colour update, taking a little time in advance to think about your hair, any problems you have, and what you’d like to achieve can make a huge difference to the outcome. It’s all about communicating your pain points and vision well, so that your hairdresser knows exactly what you want. While we are trained to try to understand your requirements, there are a few key things worth knowing, to make the most of your salon appointment…

Do a little research

In advance of your appointment, it’s well worth sitting down for 20 minutes and having a look at current trends, celebrities and even bloggers to give you an idea of what you want. Jot down any problem areas, such as split ends, or finding your hair difficult to style, and think about possible ways to solve this. While your hairdresser can offer solutions, it’s always good to have any problems in mind, and styles that you like, as well as styles that you definitely don’t like.

Book a consultation

Give yourself enough time to think through new ideas and suggestions that your hairdresser might put forward. If you’re going for a restyle or completely new colour, what you want might not be 100% achievable with your current cut or colour, and so compromises and alternative options put forward by your stylist might not be exactly what you had in mind. In booking a consultation, you can discuss your options, and go away and think about things before your appointment, to give you plenty of time to consider everything.

Be clear on your own expectations, but avoid being too rigid

In advance of your appointment, think about your expectations and work out what’s realistic and what might not be achievable. It’s OK to have a solid idea in your mind of what you would like to achieve, but your hairdresser might have a few suggestions of their own. We are trained to understand both hair itself and the impact that it has on the shape and appearance of the face, to make the most out of your locks. Try to avoid being too rigid and remain open minded, but also be aware of your limits, such as how much you might consider having off your length, or how dark you might like to go. A new cut or colour can completely transform your look, so it’s well worth taking the time to consider it, and seeking professional advice. Remember that you’re always welcome to ask questions too, should you have any doubts or be unsure of anything.

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Top Facial Hair Trends for 2019

The beard is still going strong, with more and more men choosing to support various shapes, finishes and styles in 2018. Made popular by the likes of Movember, celebrity style and various cultural influences, men’s facial hair is still in for the year ahead, with there being a few stand out facial hair trends for 2019…

Short to Long

This neat style is the perfect way to introduce a beard, without looking unkept or a little messy. Ideal for those that need to maintain a smart look for work, the short to long style follows the face shape with sharp lines. Starting shorter high up the jaw, the beard becomes longer towards the chin, creating a rounded point. Ideal for those that want to maintain their face shape, instead of hiding it with facial hair.

Faded Beard

Ideal for men with square of oval shaped faces, the faded bead is usually kept fairly short. As the name suggests, the beard is faded up to the sideburns, starting off very short and becoming longer towards the chin. The main beard is cut with a square shape, and can be grown a little longer down from the chin.

Simple Stubble

This look is probably the easiest to maintain, as it doesn’t require any kind of professional skill to shape/trim. Stubble creates a rugged look, but maintains a relatively neat style when the stubble is kept quite short. Stubble is ideal for anyone that lives a fairly varied lifestyle, as it can be left to grow a little longer during busy periods, or trimmed shorter for when you need to look smart.

Rugged Beard

There’s still a demand for the thick and rugged beard. As we become more open to casual style in the workplace, the beard represents this shift perfectly. In addition, we are further embracing nature and working together to improve the environment, so it seems only natural that a more organic and laidback look to grow in popularity. When it comes to creating a rugged beard, the length is up to you, but the finish should be natural, with no sharp lines, and the mustache blending with the beard. If you’re unsure of which beard style will suit your lifestyle, face shape and your own sense of style, book an appointment and our stylists will be happy to provide you with ideas and advice.

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5 Ingredients to Avoid in Hair Care

Today we have a better understanding of the ingredients that we use in everyday products than ever before. With some elements of everyday or cheap haircare being harmful, it’s important to familiarise yourself with these ingredients, in order to make an educated decision as to what’s best for yourself…


Parabens are possibly the most widely talked about harmful ingredient in haircare. Parabens are a preservative, that stop bacteria from growing. Our skin can absorb them through topical use, such as coming into contact with your skin or scalp. Parabens are known to mimic the hormone estrogen, which has been linked to an increased growth of breast cancer cells. Today there are various options of haircare products that are paraben free.

2. Sulphates

Sulfates strip oil from the hair and are strong detergents. When applied to the scalp a chemical reaction is created, binding with the sebum on the scalp and water to remove oil and any residue from the hair and scalp. Sulfates are very harsh and can damage the hair, causing it to be brittle and frizzy, in addition they can also cause allergic reactions to those with sensitive skin.

3.  Fragrance

We all like to have nice smelling hair, but due to a loophole in regulations, stating ‘added fragrance’ on an ingredients list means that haircare brands can include synthetic fragrances that use hundreds of artificial and potentially harmful chemicals. The term ‘fragrance’ isn’t regulated by the FDA, meaning almost anything could be used. It’s suggested that there are more than 3,100 chemicals used by the fragrance industry, so if you want to avoid these, use products that are naturally enhanced to smell nice.

4. Polyethylene glycol

PEG is considered to cause interference with the body, and is known as a ‘developmental toxicant’, meaning it can interfere with human development. In addition, it can be contaminated by dioxane, which has been linked to cancer.

5. Cocamidopropyl betaine

Cocamidopropyl betaine is worth trying to avoid if you suffer from skin complaints such as dry skin, eczema and rosacea. It’s found in most shampoos and is uses as a foam booster, which is why some all natural shampoos don’t quite foam up the same as synthetic alternatives. Many products use this along with dimethylaminopropylamine, which can cause skin irritation, and so worth cutting out if you suffer from sensitive or dry skin. Now that you have a clearer idea of just how some synthetic ingredients can impact on your health you can decide what’s best for you. There are lots of ‘free-from’ and natural alternatives available, should you decide to cut out any or all of the above.

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