If you want to shake up your look, look no further than a bold colour update this season. From pastel shades to rich coppers and auburn, there’s a variety of different ways that you can add a unique edge to your look using hair colour. Read on to discover three ways to add bold colour to your hair…

All Over Colour Update

If you’re ready for a dramatic update, an all-over colour change might be the right way to go. If you do choose to go for a complete colour change, a consultation is a must to determine the results you can achieve, and the shades and tones that will suit you best.

Consider bold shades of copper and auburn for this season, or if you have light blonde hair an all-over pastel update will create a playful look that you can mix up quite easily should you want another change a little later down the line.


Balayage presents a great way to experiment with colour, without having to completely change your look. For brunettes, balayage doesn’t have to mean brassy ends, and for blondes, white blonde ends aren’t the only option. Balayage is a fantastic method of introducing tonal layering to the hair and can deliver a variety of results depending on what you want to achieve.

Consider being creative when it comes to balayage. Pastels, brights, creamy blondes and copper tones are all options and provide a great way to mix up your look for the new season.

Face-Framing Highlights

Finally, if you just want a subtle update and want to keep your overall colour, try introducing some face-framing highlights in a bold shade. This could be a contrast to your current colour, such as honey blonde highlights for brunettes, or dirty blonde for ice white blondes. Alternatively, try introducing a colour, such as copper, rose gold or a pastel shade.

As you can see, there are lots of ways to mix up your look using colour. From a complete change to a subtle update, we can help you refresh your style for the season ahead. Get in touch to book your consultation now.