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How to Find your Perfect Hair Length

Many of us have a pretty good idea of what suits us, or the length in which we most like our hair. Choosing a flattering length and shape for your hair is key to feeling and looking your best everyday, but some of you might actually be supporting the completely wrong hair length for your features. If you’re thinking about trying a new style, or you simply want to find your most flattering hair length, read on…

Consider your Face Shape

While there are various factors to think about to find your perfect hair length, one of the biggest elements is your face shape. It is important to create balance to your overall appearance, and balance can be enhanced, just like imbalance can be emphasized through the shape and length of your hair….

– Long face: if you have a long and narrow shaped face, avoid long hair. Going for length will simply drag your face down, making it appear even longer. Instead, try a bob that sits just short of your chin to create better balance.

– Round face: If you have a round face, opting for longer styles will help to make your face look more balanced and oval in shape. Long length and a side swept fringe can help to slim your face and make it look more contoured.

– Square face: Try waves or curls in mid lengths to soften a square face. Shoulder length hair or a little longer is perfect for those with a square face.

Heart shaped: Long hair is great for a heart shaped face. Avoid blunt edges though, particularly in shorter cuts, and stay away from bobs.

Oval face: An oval face shape is considered to be balanced already. If you have an oval face you are lucky as you can try out almost any length.

Consider Texture

The type and texture of your hair matters when it comes to length too. If your hair is pretty normal – i.e. not particularly thick or thin, not coarse or frizzy, you can get away with most hair lengths.

– Fine hair: When hair that is on the fine side gets long it can end up looking limp. The longer it gets, the heavier it will be, and so the more it will drag itself down. Shorter haircuts can create more body and volume. If your face shape requires a longer cut but you have fine hair, consider going for a length just a few inches under the shoulders, with lots of layers.

– Thick hair: Those with thicker hair might find that their hair is unmanageable in shorter styles. Thick hair is often coarse and frizzy, which results in a mind of its own in short styles. Try growing it long to add weight and tame it. As your hair gets longer, it will naturally sit smoother and be easier to manage.

Finding the perfect hair length means achieving balance, and both your face shape and your hair type matters here. If you’re not sure what’s best for your hair, book in for a consultation to receive professional advice.

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5 Things to Know Before Going to the Hair Salon

A trip to the hairdressers might seem like a pretty average thing that you’ve done many times before, but there are a few things to consider to ensure you get the most out of your visit. Whether you’re going for a cut, a colour or you need some advice regarding styling or the condition of your hear, here are five things to consider before your trip to the hair salon…

  1. Know your shape and style

What many of us don’t realise is that your face shape and hair type dramatically effect which cuts and styles will suit you. Once you know your face shape you will then know the styles that will suit you. While many hairdressers are trained in understanding how a cut can flatter the face, it is also their job to deliver the style the client is after, and so understanding what suits you yourself will help you ensure you never end up with a flattering cut.

To determine your face shape stand in front of the mirror and look at your jawline. From this you will be able to determine whether your face is oval, circle, square or heart shaped. You can then look up the different styles that will suit you, and go armed with this knowledge to the hairdressers.

  1. Consider your lifestyle

When you are thinking about a new cut or colour, have a think about your current lifestyle, and whether you’d be able to take on a cut that needs more maintenance and care. It’s always worth having a think about this before hand, and having a conversation with your hairdresser about what you can and can’t manage.

  1. Book a consultation

If you’re trying a new style or colour it is always worth booking a consultation to discus your ideas with a professional before taking the plunge. This will mean that if the look you wanted to go for isn’t realistic or achievable you will have time to think about your hairdressers suggestions, rather than having to make a decision then and there at your appointment.

  1. Aim to be as truthful as possible

It can be easy to get swept up in ideas and just go along with what your hairdresser is saying, but that can result in you having a cut or colour that you didn’t actually really want. Before you go to the hairdressers, think about your limits. It is possible that the look you wanted might not be achievable, and so your hairdresser may recommend some alternatives. Think about what would be acceptable and what you would want to avoid before hand, so that you can be honest about any suggestions you don’t think will work for you.

  1. Have realistic expectations

This is where knowing your hair type comes in – if you’ve seen a look in a magazine with long straight and glossy looks, when your hair is shoulder length and curly, this might not be a look that will be easy to achieve and keep on top of. Consider your current situation, and the options available to you. If in doubt, as above, book a consultation to discus your ideas and get some professional advice.

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Five Hair Trends to Try this Autumn

The start of the new season means we are thinking about a style update for autumn. From
introducing coats, jumpers and boots back into our wardrobes and opting for smokey
browns and autumnal shades with our makeup, to experimenting with new hair styles and
colours, autumn presents the perfect opportunity to mix up your style.
Each season new hair trends land, but it can be tricky to know which to try and which to
steer clear of. Read on to discover our five favourite hair trends to try this autumn…

1. Lash skimming locks

If you’re looking for a style update without completely changing the colour or chopping
inches off, the answer might be a fringe. This season it’s all about shaggy lash skimming
bangs, which offer enough of a transformation without too big a commitment. This look
isn’t about a blunt cut or a full fringe, more of a soft style that’s a little longer than your
typical fringe. As the perfect autumnal update, you can grow out your locks again by the

2. Face Framing

The ‘90s shape around the face is back this season. Choppy layers to frame the face are
ultra flattering and can add thickness and texture to hair that’s a little on the fine side.
Channel the ‘90s style and wear your hair in a chignon at the neck, leaving the front free to
fall around your face.

3. Peekaboo blonde

Add instant warmth to your hair with subtle caramel highlights through the length. Opt for a
deep caramel or even an auburn tone for autumn to create a post-beach summer holiday
look as we head into the cooler months. This isn’t a dip dye, but you want to keep roots
darker and just add a few touches through the length, for a natural sun kissed look.
Honey blonde is also going to big for the season ahead. This almost rosy shade of blonde
is most flattering for those with medium skin tones.

4. Crop it

If you’re going for a bob this season banish the layers. Instead keep hair one length, but a
little longer through the front, allowing it to graze your collar bones. This low maintenance
look is stylish and up-to- date. Consider a colour update too adding chocolate or auburn
tones to add a block colour and subtle shine.

5. Sleek and low

Ponytails are worn low at the neck this season and sleek. Parted in the centre and secured
at the neck, this is the perfect five minute style when you’re in a rush to pick up the kids or
meet your girlfriends. This look requires a fresh colour to look neat and glossy, so consider
updating your colour if you haven’t in a while to get this just right.
Now is the perfect time to think about updating your hair style for the season ahead.
Remember if you’re unsure which style will suit you best, book a consultation to discus
your ideas with a stylist.

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