Whether you’re booked in for a trim, a complete restyle or a colour update, taking a little time in advance to think about your hair, any problems you have, and what you’d like to achieve can make a huge difference to the outcome. It’s all about communicating your pain points and vision well, so that your hairdresser knows exactly what you want. While we are trained to try to understand your requirements, there are a few key things worth knowing, to make the most of your salon appointment…

Do a little research

In advance of your appointment, it’s well worth sitting down for 20 minutes and having a look at current trends, celebrities and even bloggers to give you an idea of what you want. Jot down any problem areas, such as split ends, or finding your hair difficult to style, and think about possible ways to solve this. While your hairdresser can offer solutions, it’s always good to have any problems in mind, and styles that you like, as well as styles that you definitely don’t like.

Book a consultation

Give yourself enough time to think through new ideas and suggestions that your hairdresser might put forward. If you’re going for a restyle or completely new colour, what you want might not be 100% achievable with your current cut or colour, and so compromises and alternative options put forward by your stylist might not be exactly what you had in mind. In booking a consultation, you can discuss your options, and go away and think about things before your appointment, to give you plenty of time to consider everything.

Be clear on your own expectations, but avoid being too rigid

In advance of your appointment, think about your expectations and work out what’s realistic and what might not be achievable. It’s OK to have a solid idea in your mind of what you would like to achieve, but your hairdresser might have a few suggestions of their own. We are trained to understand both hair itself and the impact that it has on the shape and appearance of the face, to make the most out of your locks. Try to avoid being too rigid and remain open minded, but also be aware of your limits, such as how much you might consider having off your length, or how dark you might like to go. A new cut or colour can completely transform your look, so it’s well worth taking the time to consider it, and seeking professional advice. Remember that you’re always welcome to ask questions too, should you have any doubts or be unsure of anything.