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Top 3 Styling Tools for Curls

For a long time GHD have dominated the professional haircare and styling market. 2018 is no different, and for good reason – with advanced technology, high quality products and impressive results, GHD continue to be a hair styling brand that you can rely on.

Most well know for its straighteners, GHD also offer a great range when it comes to creating curls. Whether you want to achieve natural looking waves, big and bouncy curls or even corkscrew curls, GHD has you covered. Read on to discover out top three styling tools for creating curls…

  1. GHD Curve Soft Curl Tong: £120.00

As part of the latest range of tongs and wands from GHD, the Curve Soft Curl Tong uses the tri-zone technology for healthier looking curls that will stay in place all day. With a large barrel, it’s easy to create natural looking bouncy curls.

Set as a temperature of 185C, the tongs ensure a long lasting curl without damaging your hair. Easy to use and effective, you won’t find a better natural looking bouncy curl with any other styler.

  1. GHD IV Styler Hair Straightener: £86

With a little bit of practice, you can actually curl your hair any way you want with the IV Styler Hair Straightener. This is the ideal tool if you like to style your hair differently, from poker straight and wavy, to bouncy curls and tight curls.

The multi-action, refined ceramic blades work efficiently through the hair for a professional finish. The plates glide smoothly over the hair, meaning no snagging or pulling, no matter what style you are creating. If you’re not sure how to use your straighteners to create waves or curls, check out YouTube tutorials to master this skill. Once you’ve got the knack it’s really quite easy.

  1. GHD Curve Classic Wave Wand: £120.00

Create beach-worthy waves with the Curve Classic Wave Wand by GHD. The tri-zone technology ensures that the hair will stay in place day and night, without damaging the hair during styling, for healthier looking waves.

Traditionally, achieving the perfect beach wave can be tricky, but this styling tool makes it super easy. The 38-26mm oval shaped barrel creates shapely and deep waves and is perfect for use on mid to long hair.

Whether you’re looking to create waves, curls, poker straight hair or a bouncy blow dry finish, GHD provide all of the tools you need to create your ultimate look. In addition they are renowned for their quality, which makes your investment translate into amazing looking hair for years to come.

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Nutrition for Strong Healthy Hair

What we put in our bodies is just as important as what we put on our hair when it comes to achieving strong and healthy hair. Just like your skin, the condition of your hair is an outward sign of inside health. Those with a poor diet might find that their hair is brittle, dry and thinning, where as those with a healthy diet benefit from strong, glossy and healthy hair.

If you want to improve the condition of your hair, consider what you put on it as well as what you eat. Read on to discover the full guide to nutrition for strong and healthy hair…


The hair is actually made of proteins, so ensuring you have enough healthy protein in your diet is key. When you do not eat enough protein, the hair can become brittle and weak, and a diet with extremely low protein levels can even result in hair loss. Ensure your daily diet is rich in protein, and opt for lean options such as chicken, turkey, fish, dairy and eggs. In addition nuts are a great source of protein and also contain hair loving oils.

Omega 3

Our bodies cannot make omega 3 fats themselves, so it’s important to ensure enough Omega 3 is consumed through out diets. Omega 3s are in the cells that line the scalp, these provide oils to keep the scalp and hair hydrated. With out enough Omega 3 in our diet, the scalp can become dry and the hair can suffer. Fish, avocado, walnuts and pumpkin seeds are all a great way of getting more Omega 3 in your diet.


Iron is essential to healthy hair as too little iron in the body is one of the key results of hair loss. Low iron levels can cause anaemia, which disrupts the nutrient supply to the hair follicle and can result in shedding. Ensure your diet is high in iron by introducing chicken, fish and a little red meat to your diet. You can also try spinach, lentils and other leafy green vegetables to increase iron intake.

Vitamin C

Eat foods rich in vitamin C alongside iron-rich foods – Vitamin C helps with the absorption of iron, and is key to keeping hair healthy. Try berries such as blackcurrants, strawberries and blueberries, as well as broccoli, oranges and kiwi. Vitamin C helps with the production of collagen too, which works to strengthens the capillaries that supply the hair shafts.

A healthy diet can go a long way to ensuring your hair is strong and healthy too. In addition you should have regular trims and treat your hair to conditioning treatments once every month or so to keep hair in tip top condition.

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