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5 Celebrity Styles to Try this Summer

One of the easiest places to find inspiration for a new summer style is through social media and celebrity culture. Today the celebrity isn’t just the actor, model or singer, it’s the blogger, influencer and icon too.

If you’re looking for a little hairstyle and colour inspo, here are five celebrity styles to try this summer…

Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie’s blunt and angular cut has inspired a trend this season. Just long enough to be styled up as well as down, Margot has gone for blunt ends with the hair swept across from one side leaving the hair thick and blunt to one side. Try Margot’s style and go for ice blonde locks with darker roots, a deep part and blunt ends.

Emma Watson

Draw inspiration from Emma Watson’s latest cut and opt for a mico-fringe this season. If you’re partial to a fringe, this is the perfect update for the hot weather. Think a short version of a fringe, parted a little so that it doesn’t sit straight or look blunt. Blunt ends are not what you’re trying to achieve with this look.

Kerry Washington

Try a soft and natural looking bob for Spring/Summer in the style of Kerry Washington. Think of a grown out bob, with a side part in natural looking waves. Go for a blunt cut and then add texture with waves and textureising spray.

Rita Ora

Well know for her playful sense of style, channel your inner Rita this season and experiment with pastel colours. From pastel dip dye and ombre, to a full head in a single pastel shade, pastels provide the perfect colour update for this season. Traditionally used by blondes, brunettes have been seen with pastel ombre updates. If you’ve always wanted to experiment with colour in your hair, now is the perfect time.

Olivia Munn

If a subtle colour update is more of your thing, consider ribbon highlights in the style of Olivia Munn. This is a sun kissed effect that can be used to add warmth to darker shades, or create a sun kissed look in mid to dark blondes. The colour is painted on in the mid to long length, mostly on the underside of the hair, with a few subtle highlights on the tips of your layers.

Which celebrities do you feel inspired by? With so many new styles emerging every week, its’s tricky to pick just one to try!

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How to get Heatless Curls

Few of us are blessed with naturally perfect curls. For some curls are unruly and for others the hair is naturally straight or frizzy. Curls is the most sought after hairstyle, but regularly curling your hair using wands, tongs or straighteners will cause heat damage that could result in split ends, breakage, dry and unmanageable hair. If you prefer to wear your hair curly, but want to avoid using heat every day, how can you achieve fantastic curls without heat styling? Read on to find out…

  1. Lazy Curls

For those who want heatless curls without a lot of fuss, this is perfect for you. Start by tying the hair back into a high ponytail, then take a section of the ponytail that’s about an inch wide and spray with water until damp. Wrap this section around two fingers, starting at the ends of the hair and ending at the top of the ponytail, then slide your fingers out and clip the curl to your head to secure. Take a second section, but this time use one finger to wrap around before pinning the curl. Work your way through your pony tail, alternating from one finger curls to two finger curls.

When you’ve done all your hair, spritz it with hairspray, then leave to dry. It should take around 30 minutes to an hour to dry, once dry remove the clips and then remove the hair band used to secure the ponytail. Shake your hair out to breakup the curls, then spritz with hairspray to hold.

  1. Wonderful Waves

If you prefer a wavy and natural look instead of a curled look, try this to create heatless waves that will stay put all day. Split your hair into two sections and bring your hair forward over your shoulders. Take the right section to start with, and take a small section of hair (around 1-2inches) from the neck, clip the rest of the hair back and out of the way. Spray the section with water until damp. Wrap the section of around around two fingers from the ends up to the roots. Take your fingers out and continue rolling up and then clip to your head to set. Take another section and do the same thing, keep going until you’ve done the entire left side of your head.

Now repeat on the right side. Once all of your hair has been rolled and clipped up spritz with hairspray. You can do this first thing in the morning and wait for the waves to dry while you do your make-up or have your breakfast, your hair should be dry enough to take down within 30 minutes. Take the waves down and shake them out a little. Take a little hair wax and rub it between your palms and scrunch your waves to help sculpt them and make them last longer.

Heatless curls and waves really are achievable. If you currently curl your hair using heat, try swapping your heated style for heatless at least a few days a week to help the condition of your hair.

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Hairstyles for Winter Weddings

Winter weddings can be absolutely beautiful, but they can also be tricky to dress and style yourself for. The weather can be unpredictable, which can make styling hair tricky. Whether you’re a guest or the bride, here are some winter wedding hairstyles that will stay in place no matter the weather…

Half up half down

Something to consider for a winter wedding is the fact that it might be cold. Up-dos are great for a winter wedding as you can worry a little less about the weather, but this leaves your neck exposed to the cold. If you’re worried about feeling cold during the day, try a half up half down look to keep hair neat but your neck warm.

Try curling the length of the hair with a large barrel tong, then tipping the head upside down to shake the curls out to create waves. Back brush the hair a little at the roots and especially around the crown, before sectioning off the hair at the temples. Using your fingers to section off, move your fingers from your temples to the back of your head in an upwards motion, so that you take more hair from the front of the head than the back. Tie with a hairband and plait the hair in the small ponytail that you have created. Wrap the plait around the band on the back of the head and pin so that it sits flat. Finish with a touch of hairspray to hold in place.

Low chignon

Keep your neck warm with an up-do that sits low down with a low chignon. This is a super-chic look and will ensure your hair is kept neat all day. Start by parting your hair in the middle, smoothing it behind your ears and gathering it at the nape of your neck. Begin to twist the hair from the neck right through to the ends, then start to coil it in a counter-clockwise circle. Continue to twist your hair as it starts to form a bun shape, using your index finger to hold it in place as you go.

Secure your hair with large grips in all four corners, for thick or long hair you may need to use more pins. Gently pull at the edges as you go to create your desired shape and pin into place. If you want to create a more romantic bohemian look pull a few strands free in the bun and around your face. Finish with hairspray to hold.

For brides a chignon is easy to accessorize – try adding pearl embellished grips within the bun and through the hair, or add a large embellished clip to one side of the head, ideally positioned just above or behind the ear.

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5 Things to Know Before Going to the Hair Salon

A trip to the hairdressers might seem like a pretty average thing that you’ve done many times before, but there are a few things to consider to ensure you get the most out of your visit. Whether you’re going for a cut, a colour or you need some advice regarding styling or the condition of your hear, here are five things to consider before your trip to the hair salon…

  1. Know your shape and style

What many of us don’t realise is that your face shape and hair type dramatically effect which cuts and styles will suit you. Once you know your face shape you will then know the styles that will suit you. While many hairdressers are trained in understanding how a cut can flatter the face, it is also their job to deliver the style the client is after, and so understanding what suits you yourself will help you ensure you never end up with a flattering cut.

To determine your face shape stand in front of the mirror and look at your jawline. From this you will be able to determine whether your face is oval, circle, square or heart shaped. You can then look up the different styles that will suit you, and go armed with this knowledge to the hairdressers.

  1. Consider your lifestyle

When you are thinking about a new cut or colour, have a think about your current lifestyle, and whether you’d be able to take on a cut that needs more maintenance and care. It’s always worth having a think about this before hand, and having a conversation with your hairdresser about what you can and can’t manage.

  1. Book a consultation

If you’re trying a new style or colour it is always worth booking a consultation to discus your ideas with a professional before taking the plunge. This will mean that if the look you wanted to go for isn’t realistic or achievable you will have time to think about your hairdressers suggestions, rather than having to make a decision then and there at your appointment.

  1. Aim to be as truthful as possible

It can be easy to get swept up in ideas and just go along with what your hairdresser is saying, but that can result in you having a cut or colour that you didn’t actually really want. Before you go to the hairdressers, think about your limits. It is possible that the look you wanted might not be achievable, and so your hairdresser may recommend some alternatives. Think about what would be acceptable and what you would want to avoid before hand, so that you can be honest about any suggestions you don’t think will work for you.

  1. Have realistic expectations

This is where knowing your hair type comes in – if you’ve seen a look in a magazine with long straight and glossy looks, when your hair is shoulder length and curly, this might not be a look that will be easy to achieve and keep on top of. Consider your current situation, and the options available to you. If in doubt, as above, book a consultation to discus your ideas and get some professional advice.

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Halloween: 3 Party-worthy Hairstyles

With Halloween just around the corner, now is a better time than ever to start thinking about your Halloween party style. Whether you’re dressing up in fancy dress for the occasion or you’re simply heading out in style for dinner or drinks, Halloween is the perfect opportunity to experiment with a new look, and have fun with your style.

Read on to discover three party-worthy Halloween hairstyles…

Zombie Punk

Put a stylish twist on the classic zombie look with a punk inspired up-do. It can be tricky to work out how to be creative with a zombie style, to avoid looking like everyone else at the party or out in town. A zombie punk look is ideal for anyone who loves to look stylish, even when in fancy dress.

To create the look:

  1. Back brush the hair at the roots, starting from the crown and working forwards. You want to add lots of volume to the roots of the hair to nail this look. Use a little hairspray to hold.


  1. Use a comb to separate a section of hair, from the crown, parting the hair at the temples on both sides.


  1. Scoop the sectioned off hair back to pin into a quiff. As you pull the section back to the crown push it forwards and up a little before securing it with lots of grips. Smooth the top down before you secure with hair spray. Backbrush the rest of the roots a little and tease the hair so that it looks a little messy – sleek and smooth won’t do for this look. Finish off with a spritz more hairspray.


Dark and Blunt

Experiment with a style that can work all year round, but that can be enhanced for halloween too. If you’re planning on keeping things simple this halloween, going for a dark lip or eye to give a subtle nod towards the season, why not try a complimentary hairstyle?

A fringe is a great way to update your look without having to change your style too dramatically. Perfect for halloween but versatile for A/W ‘17, why not have a blunt fringe cut and a dark colour update. For halloween parties style sleek and apply a deep plum lipstick. Finish off the look with a black dress and a smokey eye.

Day of the Dead

The Day of the Dead look offers the prefect style to get really creative with your hair. Typically all about the make-up, why not be bold with your hair too. If you have blonde hair try experimenting with temporary colourful dyes, such as pastel pink, purple, mint green and baby blue. Try a colourful ombre in true Mexican style and finish off with a floral garland wrapping around the hair.

For a more traditional Day of the Dead look and if you have dark hair, try a pretty up-do by plaiting the hair and securing it to the head, adding flowers to complete this spooky yet famine look.

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