If you’re yet to experiment with a shorter cut, it can be tricky to know what kind of style might suit you best. While short hair doesn’t suit absolutely everyone, for many there’s a cut that will bring out your features and be really flattering. If you’re considering a bold change with a pixie crop, bob or similar, read on to discover three short hairstyles to suit your face shape…

Heart-Shaped Face: Lots of Layering

Your face is heart-shaped if it’s narrower towards the chin. Those with heart-shaped faces tend to have wider cheekbones and a slightly pointed chin that is prominent from the jawline. If you have a heart-shaped face, the perfect short cut for you has lots of layers and a side-swept fringe.

A layered fringe will help balance your face shape, while a textured cut and style will soften your features. When it comes to styling your new shorter cut, try using a low heat setting on your hairdryer and rough drying your hair to add texture. Make sure your blow-dry your fringe in the direction that you want it to sit. Hold in place with a pomade to finish.

Oval Shaped Face: Blunt Bob

Oval shaped faces are well known for being able to pull off almost any style, but of course, there’s always a style that is more flattering. If you have an oval face, your proportions tend to be well balanced, with your forehead being as wide as your jawline. The most flattering shorter cut for those with an oval face shape is a blunt bob.

The perfect length for your face shape is in line with or just below your chin. As those with oval faces typically have soft features, you can go for an angular style with sharp edges. Try a few subtle layers in the length to add a bit of body, while keeping the edges blunt.

Round Face Shape: Pixie Cut

Your face shape is round if it is as wide as it is long. The pixie cut has long been popular, but there are few people that can actually pull it off. If your face shape is round, you have the perfect proportions for a pixie crop.

This cut is all about shorter sides with length and volume on the top, which flatters a round face by creating the illusion that it’s longer and therefore more of an oval shape. Go for a short pixie crop, as anything around chin-length will actually make your face look rounder.

If you’re not sure what shape your face is, try standing in front of a mirror and using a lipstick to draw around the outline of your face. Step back and the shape should be clear. If at all in doubt about what short cut will best suit you, get in touch and book a consultation to discuss your restyle further.