If you want to colour your hair, you need a good colourist – please don’t try it at home!

The amount of people that have attempted to colour their hair themselves at home, in an effort to avoid paying for a professional colourist, only to end up being anywhere between disappointed to devastated seems to rise year on year. Have you ever spotted in the street or known someone whose experienced a home hair colouring disaster; most of us have and several times. People are mostly well aware that they would have been better to book an appointment with a salon colourist. Yet they tried so save a few pounds by doing it themselves, only to find themselves having to book an appointment with a colourist afterwards to make good, a terrible attempt. A false economy if there ever was one but it’s not uncommon at all. As any Soul Hair colourist will tell you, re-colouring do-it-yourself efforts is a large part of what they do.

There are a multitude of hair dye and colouring products on the market. These products often claim to produce great results, but as any colourist will tell you, don’t be swayed by the picture on the bottle. It takes a professionally trained hair colourist to know how much to use in terms of quantity, how long to leave it on, how it works with your natural colour of hair and so on and so on. And all this, not to mention the potential allergic reactions we all know someone whose suffered.

What does all this mean to you? To conclude, at Soul Hair, we strongly advise you book an appointment with us, to see a colourist. After all you are not a professional hair colourist, just an individual that wants a terrific looking colour on their hair, so make a wise decision and don’t try it yourself, book a Soul Hair, hair colourist.

Hair colourist services at Soul Hair

Soul Hair provides clients with a wide range of colouring services, a professional Hair Colourist delivers. The technical colourist, hair colour services include semi-permanent or permanent colour, retouch colour or full head colour. The colourist will ensure you are allergy tested, prior to these colour treatments.

Other services the colourist can provide include T section, half head and full head foils. Also, fashion colour (by quotation) and colour correction treatments (by quotation). High quality Wella Professional colour products are used for all our treatments.

So if you require hair colouring from a high standard, well trained colourist hair technician, Soul Hair can accommodate.

Examples of what a great Soul Hair colourist can achieve

If you take a look at the gallery page of www.soulhair.co.uk/ you will see some outstanding examples, of what a good hair colourist can achieve. You will see the unique combination of great style and colour, combined to manifest in an astonishing effect. These models are demonstrating designs that have been created by a Soul Hair colourist and stylist. A picture paints a thousand words, so need I say more?