Soul Hair salons, with branches in Chester and Tarporley are a popular salon. These salons offer a first rate service at affordable prices.

With exquisite furnishings and a stylish interior and exterior, no expense has been spared to ensure these salons look and feel special. On top of that, excellent customer service from polite and helpful staff go a long way to further enhance your experience. Quality complimentary teas and coffees are offered as/if you wait for your appointment.

A quality salon needs quality stylists and colourists. Soul hair staff undergo continual all year around in-house training courses to constantly update their skills. Furthermore, many of our staff undertakes accredited high level external qualifications. These are specialist higher level qualifications in their chosen field of expertise such as the Wella Master in Colour award. Equivalent to a university degree, this is the highest colourist qualification it is possible to attain.

Anti aging your hair
Stylish, beautiful and fashionably trendy hair-cuts, colours, tints and highlights help our clients achieve aesthetically pleasing looks. However, there’s more to having beautiful looking beautiful hair than the aforementioned services can achieve.
To explain, many of our clients have a strong desire to rejuvenate and replenish their hair, reviving the health and beauty of their hair to what it was years earlier. As well as graying, hair can become duller, more frizzy and dryer as we get older. Overall hair can become less manageable, less glossy and less attractive. There are, however, ways to counteract and even reverse these affects!

Anti-aging hair consultation
We start with a sit down consultation to establish your needs. Our anti-hair care aging services are bespoke and so tailored to your individual needs. Like snowflakes, no two people’s hair is exactly the same so it is important to ascertain the anti-aging hair treatment your hair needs.

Anti-aging hair care treatments
Soul Hair salons have an extensive treatment service which offers you solutions to all your hair and scalp needs, allowing you to feel totally pampered.
When time is an issue you can book an express treatment and get instant hair and scalp treatments to fit into your general hair appointment. There are also luxury treatments where you can pre-book to indulge yourself in a planned and personalized system of professional treatment.
Some of the anti-aging hair treatments may include:

WHATS NEW = Hair Extensions

Make your dreams come true with beautiful hair extensions

If you lust for long luscious locks but your hair isn’t quite there yet then extensions are just the solution for you! Hair extensions can also give you thickness, volume and chemical free colour. We offer various methods such as Fusion bonding, tape and micro ring.

Here are the top six reasons women love hair extensions:

1: Many women cut their hair and instantly regret it and want their long hair back.

2: Ladies can also have a hard time growing their hair out once it hits a certain length. Hair extensions therefore, help them reach their desired length.

3: Women with thin hair may just want to add both thickness and length.

4: Some women want to add streaks of colour through their hair yet not want to damage their hair by dying it. Extensions therefore, are a safe alternative to achieve this!

5: For women who don’t have time to style their hair every day, you can get different textures of hair put in and therefore have great new looks. You can get wavy to tight curls, and it will always look like you took the time to do your hair!

6: To give their natural hair a rest from day to day styling. If you style your hair every day, you use heat and hair care products. Sometimes your hair just needs a break to grow and to retain some of its natural oils.

In sum:

You can become as changeable in look as the stars and celebrities themselves. You can wear a ponytail one day and wear a fringe on another day. Every day you can reinvent and surprise both yourself and those around you. The various hairstyles might also help cater for your needs while attending different events.
Also, hair extensions give you numerous possibilities of endless different hairstyles. In terms of hair lengths, you can get short hair extensions, medium or even long ones. All In All, you can get whatever style you want and it takes much less time than having your own hair styled.

By partnering up with Beauty Works Jen Atkin an award winning Company we can offer exceptional quality hair and bespoke design.

The key to getting a natural look is our ability to Colour Match and choose the right method that suits your. We recognise that everyone is different and has different needs when it comes to their hair.

So Soul Hair can offer a full service including Fitting, maintaining, removal, cutting, and styling and after care advice to ensure you get a long life out of the hair.

Before you commit to hair extensions, your stylist will carry out an in depth consultation with you to make sure they are the best choice for you. We give detailed advice on how to care for your new hair and encourage you to book your next follow up appointment to ensure your extensions have a long life.

They are now offering Hair extensions in both our Chester & Tarporley Salon. Soul Hair have partnered with BEAUTY WORKS who are an award winning company, offer exceptional quality and bespoke design. They are well recognised in the industry and with many celebrities on their books.

For further details please call the salon and speak to Dan or Gemma, alternatively call and book a FREE consultation today.