Colour isn’t just a trend-let creative process, it’s a technical speciality which requires years of training and constant education to keep you ahead of the game and up to speed on trends, techniques and product updates.

Expert colourists should be education- inspired, fashion-aware and trend-led – as well as brilliant at customer service, with a clear understanding of clients’ needs and a strong ability to communicate.

But a fantastic colourist also needs to have an advanced understanding of the technical aspects of colour and the processes involved, including how best to implement those techniques for each individual client.

Advanced hair colour training qualifications are a great way to show that you or your staff have the highest level of expertise – and can help boost the salon’s profits with clients clamouring to enjoy the work of a true expert.

As colour expert courses are of an advanced nature, they usually require five to seven years’ previous experience and can be spread over a period of three to six months – but they are well worth the effort.

At Soul Hair, we have people that are highly trained in their chosen area of expertise! These include our colourists.
We have colourists that have undertaken the Wella Master in colour award. This is an externally taken recognised qualification. It is the highest colourist qualification there is and the equivalent to a university degree.

This course covers the art and science to hair colouring to a very high level ensuring graduates become expert colourists having qualified. Graduates also get to attend the annual colour congress. Here they have access to the latest techniques and products before they come onto the market. This leaves our colourists and thereby our salon at the forefront of all the new and exciting colours and techniques available.

Don’t try it yourself!

Our Soul hair colourists spend a lot of time going over badly done hair colours. Hair colouring can be notoriously difficult. If we haven’t messed up with these ourselves, we all know someone who has.
Furthermore, allergic reactions are not uncommon with do it yourself hair colouring. As a result, we strongly advise that you use the services of a trained hair colourist. For best results, a hair colourist knows how to safely apply a hair colour and achieve what you want and expect to achieve.

What we do!

To begin with well give you a free hair colour consultation. Our colour experts use colour charts and stock images to help you determine which of the many shades you want to achieve.

The four main hair colours are blonde, brunette, red and black. These colours can be modified to create a trendy and all together completely new look. One example of this is where a blonde colour can be combined with cooler tones to produce ash blonde or champagne.
The same process can be applied to all shades. It gives you a wider selection of hair colour choices to match your personal preference.

One thing is certain, is that Soul Hair have terrific colourists that can help you achieve precisely what you want, even surpassing your expectations. So why not give us a call today!