Go blonde for summer!!!!!

We all know that, “blondes have more fun” right? Although they are one of the rarest natural colours, it remains one of the most popular people transform to. From Jean Harlow, Marilyn Monroe, Cameron Diaz and Farrah to David Beckam, Debbie Harry and Kylie Minogue, the list goes on. The most famous singer in the world, Beyonce, has gone blonde. Also, Kendel Jenner who has just gone blonde for a pepsi advert is also making it popular in 2017. Blonde hair also colours your attitude toward life. Blonde tends to make you the star wherever you go.
These are some of the options:

Light Blonde

Platinum Blonde Hair Colour

This platinum blonde hair colour is the lightest of all the blonde shades. It’s a colour that works better on fair skin tones or medium skin tones. The pale blonde hues look wonderful with any eye colour and it is particularly striking with bright blue or brown eyes.

Light Ash Blonde Hair Colour

A light ash blonde hair colour is a whiter shade of blonde. It has an ashy, or gray, tint. Light ash blonde is often described as a kind of cool platinum looking better on lighter complexions with lighter eye colours.

Natural Blonde Hair Colour

People may have come across the description of someone being a natural blonde! Natural blonde hair colour is as expected, blonde hair colour that looks like you were born with it. This natural blonde hair colour is multidimensional, having different, yet similar shades within the same family of colour. This looks terrific on any skin tone, as long as the shades mimic skin colour. For example with lighter skin, keep the colour shades lighter, and for darker skin, dark shades work better to keep it natural-looking.

Check out these medium Blonde hair colour shades

Bronze Creamy Blonde Hair Colour

This bronze creamy blonde hair colour is a warm, beach type hue. It looks naturally lovely on medium, tawny complexions with light- to medium-shade eye colours like blue, gray or light brown. To create this look, ask your Soul Hair colourist to add varying tones of honey highlights through your hair’s mid-length, on top of a light brown base. Make sure they keep the ends just a little bit lighter.

Golden Blonde Hair Colour

Golden blonde hair colour is a natural-looking, multidimensional mix of butter, gold and honey hues. They look beautiful paired with fair complexions and lighter eye colours such as pale blue or hazel. This natural-looking sun-kissed blonde colour is best achieved with balayage highlighting.

Dirty Blonde Hair Colour

Although its name doesn’t sound so good, this is so great. Dirty blonde is a particularly popular colour, though not as much as in previous years. This dirty blonde hair colour could be described as a medium-hued blond. It has wheat tones with darker tones strewn throughout. This shade could be considered if you have green or brown eyes and a medium-toned skin. It is a look which can be achieved through balayage or ombrè-style highlighting.

Honey Blonde Hair Colour

A honey blonde hue sounds natural and sweet and it is! The honey blonde hair colour is warm and shiny. It looks better on medium skin tones and with darker eye colours such as brown or black. If you want to go honey blonde, ask your Soul Hair colourist to leave your darker roots intact before adding honey-hued highlighting.

Ash Blonde Hair Colour

Ash blonde is another popular variation. Ash blonde hair colour is described as a darker and cooler shade of silvery blonde. It is a great choice for people with naturally darker hair, skin tones and eye colours. This ash blonde hair colour can be warmed up with buttery highlights to match skin tone if needed. It is also a terrific option for naturally greying hair that works really well.

Sandy Blonde Hair Colour

Sandy blonde hair colour is rich, warm and subtle. This blonde shade looks great with fair skin tones and light eyes such as blue, hazel or violet. If you want the sandy blonde look, ask our Soul Hair colourists for a dark blonde base with cool, beige–toned balayage highlights on the mid-lengths and ends.

Dark Blonde Hair Colour

Black Blonde Hair Colour

Black blonde hair colour is generally reserved for dramatic styles involving blonde hair colour and black hair colour worn together. Because of the contrast of very dark and light hair colour on one head, any complexion or eye colour can pull it off (if you’re brave enough to wear it).

Dark Reddish-Brown Blonde Hair Colouring

Dark reddish-brown blonde hair colour is a stunning blend of blondes, browns and reds used on a dark base that can be customized to any skin tone or eye colour. Rihanna is the queen of this technique, having successfully worn many different hair colours that run the spectrum on the hair colour charts.

Brownish Blonde (bronde) Hair Colour

Brownish blonde is also known as “bronde” hair. This colour is a warm, natural-looking blonde hue. It looks amazing with fair and medium complexions and light to medium eye colours such as gold, light brown or blue. When dying dark hair blonde you will achieve a rich, contrasting colour by asking your Soul Hair stylist for a dark blonde base with cool-toned, buttery balayage highlights on the mid-lengths and ends.

Cherry Blonde Hair Colour

Cherry Blonde Hair Colour is a vivid fuchsia-toned berry colour over a darker base that is beautiful for those with darker skin tones and darker eyes. This look is best created by dying the hair blonde, then adding cherry colour over it.

Caramel Blonde Hair Colour

Caramel blonde hair colour is a light golden brown or dark iridescent blonde colour that is lovely on any complexion, but most natural-looking on those with medium to dark skin tones.

Chocolate Blonde Hair Colour

A tasty looking chocolate blonde hair colour is a darker shade of caramel blonde that looks warm and stunning with golden highlights. Beyonce’s creamy mane with a dark base that balances her blonde locks is a lovely example of this colour. Although this hair colour looks best on darker skin tones with darker eye colours, it can also be adjusted to suit lighter complexions.

Chestnut Blonde Hair Colour

Chestnut blonde hair colour is typically a mix of darker hair with golden highlights. However, it can be created on golden blonde hair by adding caramel highlights. This earthy-looking hue is best on dark complexions with dark eye colours such as black or brown and can be exotic on medium skin tones with blue eyes.


Soul Hair’s COLOUR EXPERTS have more blonde options than you can imagine, so if you are thinking of going blonde, get in touch today!