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How to get Silky Shiny Hair

One of the most sought after things is silky glossy hair that looks effortlessly healthy and strong. The truth is really shiny hair isn’t just about treatment and styling, it’s also about the health of your hair, your diet and hydration too. Here’s how to achieve silky shiny hair, that looks beautiful but is also strong and healthy too…

  1. Stay hydrated and nourished

Our skin and our hair start to suffer when we are dehydrated, causing both to become dry and dull. If you haven’t over processed your hair with heat styling or dying, yet it looks dry and flat it may be down to hydration. Try and drink 2 litres of water a day to provide your body with the water it needs, you’ll soon start to see an effect on your skin and hair, as well as your energy levels too.

Your diet can also determine how glossy your hair is. Try adding an extra portion of fruit and veg to your daily diet, and take fish oil supplements to give hair a natural boost.

  1. Cold water blast

When you wash your hair, try blasting it with cold water for 30 seconds at the end. The cold water will seal the cuticle making hair look glossier all over. If it’s super shine that you’re after, use a shampoo and conditioner that inject moisture and smooth all over. Try to go for quality brands and avoid using harsh chemicals on your hair as this will only cause it to become dry, which is the opposite of what you are trying to achieve!

  1. Wear it straight

Straight hair looks glossier as it reflects the light better, so if shiny is what you are after go for a straight finish. After washing and blasting with cold water, follow a similar method for drying your hair. Rough dry to start with, then using a paddle brush blow dry straight. Once hair is dry finish off with a three minute blast on the cool setting of your hairdryer to add extra shine.

  1. Use a serum

Serums are a great way to add an extra hit of shine to your hair. Try a 2-in-1 serum that also offers heat protection to avoid split ends from heat styling. Argan oil, coconut oil and other serums that use natural ingredients are the best options when it comes to boosting gloss without applying harsh chemicals to the hair.

  1. Treat regularly

It’s almost impossible to achieve glossy hair if your hair isn’t in good condition, so it’s important to keep on top of things. Try to apply a treatment mask every 1-2 weeks to give your hair a boost of moisture and strength. Opt for all natural at home remedies or invest in masks from quality brands. Once every 3-4 months book in for a trim at the hairdressers to keep split ends at bay.

Just a few simple steps can ensure your hair is strong, glossy and healthy, with a natural shine that is boosted with a few key products.

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The Full Guide to Creating a Healthy Hair Routine

Healthy and strong hair does take a little maintenance, and there are many ways in which we might be damaging our hair without even realising. Having hair that is healthy both inside and out isn’t rocket science, all it takes is a few steps to ensure your hair is protected and nourished from root to tip.

Read on to discover the full guide to creating a routine for strong and healthy hair…

A regular trim…

One of the most important aspects to creating and maintaining healthy hair is to have it trimmed regularly. With upmost care you will suffer less in the way of split ends and dryness, but no matter how carefully you look after your hair you will find a trim is still necessary every three to six months to keep on top of split ends. If split ends are left they can continue up the hair shaft, making the hair prone to breakage, frizz and generally unruly. Keep on top of split ends by having regular trims, to avoid having to have inches and inches cut off due to split ends spreading up the hair.

Deep cleanse…

The oils in which our scalp generates are good for the hair, so washing it too often and stripping your hair of its natural oils isn’t actually good for the hair. Regular brushing will help distribute your hairs natural oils throughout the hair to help condition and hydrate. Aim to wash your hair two to three times a week and use a shampoo that is paraben free.


Follow your shampoo with a hydrating conditioner. If your hair is thin avoid heavy conditioners that might weigh it down, instead opt for a nourishing but light conditioner. For thicker unruly hair try a taming and smoothing conditioner. When it comes to conditioner splash out a little and invest in something rich and free from harsh chemicals. Apply conditioner to damp hair for best results.


It is important to understand your hair’s unique needs and treat it to help it be as healthy and strong as possible. For example if your hair is naturally dry and coarse try an intense mask once a week to help soften and smooth. For hair that’s naturally frizzy try an argan oil or similar to add moisture and tame. For those that heat style their hair always use a heat protector before drying and styling.

Getting to know your hair is important, but all hair types will need a regular trim as well as hydration. Work out a routine that works for you, and once you find the right routine and products, stick with it for strong and healthy hair for years to come.

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Five Hair Trends to Try this Autumn

The start of the new season means we are thinking about a style update for autumn. From
introducing coats, jumpers and boots back into our wardrobes and opting for smokey
browns and autumnal shades with our makeup, to experimenting with new hair styles and
colours, autumn presents the perfect opportunity to mix up your style.
Each season new hair trends land, but it can be tricky to know which to try and which to
steer clear of. Read on to discover our five favourite hair trends to try this autumn…

1. Lash skimming locks

If you’re looking for a style update without completely changing the colour or chopping
inches off, the answer might be a fringe. This season it’s all about shaggy lash skimming
bangs, which offer enough of a transformation without too big a commitment. This look
isn’t about a blunt cut or a full fringe, more of a soft style that’s a little longer than your
typical fringe. As the perfect autumnal update, you can grow out your locks again by the

2. Face Framing

The ‘90s shape around the face is back this season. Choppy layers to frame the face are
ultra flattering and can add thickness and texture to hair that’s a little on the fine side.
Channel the ‘90s style and wear your hair in a chignon at the neck, leaving the front free to
fall around your face.

3. Peekaboo blonde

Add instant warmth to your hair with subtle caramel highlights through the length. Opt for a
deep caramel or even an auburn tone for autumn to create a post-beach summer holiday
look as we head into the cooler months. This isn’t a dip dye, but you want to keep roots
darker and just add a few touches through the length, for a natural sun kissed look.
Honey blonde is also going to big for the season ahead. This almost rosy shade of blonde
is most flattering for those with medium skin tones.

4. Crop it

If you’re going for a bob this season banish the layers. Instead keep hair one length, but a
little longer through the front, allowing it to graze your collar bones. This low maintenance
look is stylish and up-to- date. Consider a colour update too adding chocolate or auburn
tones to add a block colour and subtle shine.

5. Sleek and low

Ponytails are worn low at the neck this season and sleek. Parted in the centre and secured
at the neck, this is the perfect five minute style when you’re in a rush to pick up the kids or
meet your girlfriends. This look requires a fresh colour to look neat and glossy, so consider
updating your colour if you haven’t in a while to get this just right.
Now is the perfect time to think about updating your hair style for the season ahead.
Remember if you’re unsure which style will suit you best, book a consultation to discus
your ideas with a stylist.

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