Each season there are new cut and colour trends to consider, but nobody really talks about the styles that it’s time to move on from. Whether out of fashion or ageing, there are various cuts and colours that while once popular, might now be dated.

Volume and Backcombs

Volume was big (literally and figuratively) for ages, with many of us turning to rollers, backcombing and hairspray to achieve that volumized look. It was all about creating volume at the crown, to create a flattering look and glamorous finish. 2019 is more about the natural styles, with volume being swapped for soft waves with just a little teasing at the roots. Swap rollers and hairspray this year for plaited hair brushed back from the crown and parted in the middle at the front.

White and Bleached Blonde

Not so long ago, toners were high in demand to create that white blonde-silver shade that almost seemed stripped of colour, without any yellow or brassy tones in sight. While yellow/brassy blonde isn’t on trend, today it’s more about creamy shades with a more natural feel to them. If white blonde is your thing, it might be time to say goodbye to the super ashy toners, instead opting for slightly warmer shades with a creamy finish while maintaining your light shade.

Dip Dye

Dip dye has well and truly been replaced by balayage, in favour of more natural multi tonal locks. Dip dye is harsher, with more of a contrasting change between the roots of the hair and the tips, and while it was really popular a few years ago, today this harsher contrast is harder to pull off. If multi tonal styles are your thing, think sunkissed locks for  2019, with subtle light highlights running through the length of your hair and framing the face.

Deep Side Parts

Your side parting can really change the shape of your face and is worth thinking about when it comes to creating the most flattering cut. That being said, very deep side parts are a thing of the past, with centre parts and subtle side parts being favourable in 2019. If you’re not sure what will suit you, ask your hairdresser for advice.

Lots of Feathering and Layers

It looks like the ‘Rachel’ haircut might finally be decreasing in popularity, as excessive feathering and layering becomes a dated style. 2019 is all about long layers and subtle face framing, keeping your look light, but more laidback. While it’s important to keep on top of trends and avoid your look becoming dated if you really like your style consider some alternatives to bring it up to date. Ask your hairdresser for advice, and don’t be afraid to state if you like something that is technically ‘dated’.