Having healthy hair that makes you feel confident doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, it’s all about knowing what’s worth splashing out on, and what you can afford to spend a little less on. Read on to find out more…


Your Cut

The first thing to avoid every scrimping on is your cut. A good cut is well worth what you pay for it, and trying to cut corners here could only result in an error that you’re stuck with for a long time. It’s important to think about your hair as a whole here, for the foreseeable future, as a bad cut can’t just be sorted out with the next cut a few months later, a bad cut is likely to impact your future styles for the best part of a year.

When it comes to your cut, stick with a hairdresser that already knows your hair well, and don’t be tempted to pop for a cheap cut every now and then to try and save some pennies.

Your Colour

Your colour is another element that’s worth spending a little extra on. If you were to go down the at-home dye route, these are often much more damaging to the hair, and generally the results won’t last as long as a professional colour. In choosing to have your hair coloured professionally, the results will be much better, and your hair will be healthier and glossier with a longer lasting colour.

Your Conditioner

A good conditioner is worth its weight in gold. Nourishing, hydrating and smoothing the hair, your conditioner will make your hair more manageable, as well as improving hair health and reducing breakage and split ends. If you have a conditioner that you know works well for your hair, stick with it, or start to understand your hair type to determine what sort of conditioner would work best for you. Where possible, choose conditioners that are sulphate and paraben free.


Your Shampoo

It’s your conditioner that makes much of the difference to the health of your hair, so you can afford to save a little when it comes to choosing a shampoo. Much like conditioner, it’s best to choose a shampoo that’s paraben and sulphate free, but it’s not particularly necessary to go for a hydrating or smoothing shampoo, for example, as you can get these benefits from your conditioner.

Your Treatment:

Every once in a while, a deep conditioning treatment when you visit the hairdressers is a lovely treat, but have you considered creating your own at home hair mask to give your hair a boost? There are lots of great recipes that often use simple pantry items such as eggs, making a DIY mask a great alternative to regular expensive treatment.

Now that you know where you should spend and save on your hair care, you’ll be better equipped to ensure that your money goes a long way when it comes to achieving healthy hair that you love.