We all know that getting your hair styled is a great way to emphasize your best features and make your look the best you can be. A great cut style and finish goes a long way in helping you achieve a new and existing look or maintain your present look.


What is less well known is the impact that hair colouring can have. Any great cut can be matched with an equally great colour and any existing or natural colour enhanced or modified!


Do it yourself hair colouring is risky!


It has been widely reported that around one hundred million people in Britain dye their own hair at home with that number increasing annually. Since the recession started, people are increasingly looking for ways to save money so this is natural. With the population of Britain at around 64 million, 100 million do it yourself hair colouring applications a year is still astounding.


Along with this rise in home applications has been a rise in dangerous, damaging (to health) allergic reactions to hair dyes. Skin tests and better still (only available in salons), the manufacturer’s tests are essential to ensure safe application. The print guidelines are often tiny and you have to follow the procedure to the letter to get the best results.


Many don’t, hence the upsurge of allergic reactions. Strangely enough, destroying carpets, curtains, clothing and other things through spillage is another increasing phenomena that goes with do it yourself hair colouring at home.


Getting the colour you see on the product packaging is not easy. Rarely, if ever, do people who attempt home colouring achieve the colour they see advertised on the packaging.


Here at Soul Hair we highly recommend that you visit a good salon to get the best hair colouring!


We have highly trained hair colouring experts


Soul Hair salons (in Chester and Tarporley) pride themselves on ensuring their staff are well trained and highly qualified in their chosen areas of expertise. As well as the obligatory hairdressing qualifications, staff undergo compulsory and ongoing in house training courses. This is to modify, improve and enhance their existing skills.


As well as in house training, staff take external, accredited post graduation (as hairdresser) qualifications at higher levels.  Some of our colourists for example, have attained a Wella Master in Colour award. This is the highest and most prestigious hair colouring qualification a colourist can achieve. It delves deep into the art and science of hair colouring and is equivalent to a university degree! Graduates attend the annual colour congress and have access to the latest techniques and colours available.


Clearly, when you get your hair coloured at Soul Hair you can be sure to be in the best hands.


Soul Hair offer free consolations and complimentary treatments


Soul Hair customers can access a free consultation prior to any procedure. This allows for you to get the best advice on colours that may match your eyes and suit the look you wish to attain.


Complimentary hair care treatments are also available. Many people attempt to get their hair coloured when it is dry or damaged which is not a good idea. It is always worth conditioning your hair and scalp prior to hair colouring to get the best results.


In conclusion, you will be in the best hands if you chose to get your hair coloured here at Soul Hair and we hope to hear from you soon!