Soul Hair invests in ensuring that they have highly trained staff. All their employees undergo continual in house training all of the year around. This is to ensure they are up to speed with all the latest products, developments and techniques. Hair colour, style and fashion and hair care products are always changing.

Here at Soul Hair, we feel that it is important for all our employees to keep improving their knowledge and skills. It is fantastic to see our people gain more confidence and improve as the time passes by!

Hair Colouring Training

As well as in-house training, we have staff that have completed the Wella Master in Colour award. Graduates get to attend the annual Wella colour congress in London. Here, they get access to the very latest products and learn the latest techniques. This information is fed down to our other hairdressers during their in-house training.

Hair colouring is both a trend-led creative process and a technical speciality.  It requires years of training and constant education to keep you ahead of the game and up to speed on trends, techniques and product updates.

To become an expert colourist, they need to be education, inspired, fashion-aware as well as being aware of the latest trends. They need to be adept at customer service, with a clear understanding of clients’ needs and a strong ability to communicate.

A highly trained colourist must have an advanced understanding of the technical aspects of colour and the processes involved. This includes how to consult and give their clients a bespoke service that both meets and exceeds their expectations. .

A Wella Masters in Colour qualification is one of the best ways to show that you or your staff has the highest levels in this area. The Wella Masters in Colour courses are of an advanced nature and require five to seven years’ previous experience before they can be undertaken. Equivalent to a university degree, the Wella Masters in Colour Programme is amongst the highest colourist qualification attainable.

Take a look at the Wella Master in Colour Course Details

Course: The Wella Master in Colour Programme

Content: This four-stage programme provides you with an industry-leading qualification that will enable you to grow your salon’s colour business, help develop your staff and enable you to deliver the very best colour service to your clients. You’ll cover everything from foundation facts and product knowledge to science, extreme colour correction and legal considerations.

Student profile: Minimum of five years colour experience in a salon.

Duration: Up to fourteen full days

Location: London and Manchester

Cost: £2,040

You can see that Soul Hair take staff training and development very seriously. Moreover, we put our money where our mouth is. We believe that first rate hairdressing services require the employees to have first rate training.

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