There are more than a few Hairdresser Salons in the Chester area, and allot more than a few hairdressers, but if you are looking for a real quality hairdresser then look no further than Chester’s Soul Hair.

You want to visit a great hairdresser at a nice venue!

Chester is known to be a both historic, yet fashionable town. With a plethora of great looking boutiques and salons, it’s not easy to stand out in the crowd. However, Soul Hair salon in Chester manages to do this and do this well.

Comfortably and stylishly furnished and decorated in a unique yet contemporary way, Soul Hair looks and feels like a great place to be. Complementary teas and coffees are offered as you comfortably wait to be seen.

You want to see a highly trained, creative hairdresser!

A Hairdresser needs to be trained well, and Soul Hair recognises the fact that past their initial Hairdresser qualification the hairdressers gain from College, ongoing training and support is required.

Soul hair hairdressers undertake constant, ongoing in house training to aid their development as a hairdresser. Furthermore, they undertake post hairdresser qualification external courses and qualifications at specialist training centres.

For example, Soul Hair has a colourist named Sarah Stead. She has undertaken and passed a gruelling course held at Wella, namely the Wella Master Colour award. Equivalent to a university degree, this is the highest colourist qualification there is in the UK. It comprehensively covers all aspects of hair colouring, from the products, implementation and safe usage to the science behind hair colouring. This prestigious qualification ensures as a Wella graduate, she gets to attend their annual colour congress. Here, she gets to know the new exiting brands that are to be available before they get to the marker, and gain top insights from stylists and colour professionals who are guests at the congress. This information gets fed back to the other hairdressers and stylists, and consequently positively benefits the clients that come in to the salon.

Soul Hair employs great hairdressers’

For example, one of our artistic stylists, Tom Wright does other work outside of Soul Hair complements his work here, and benefits our customers. This hairdresser and stylist, does what few if any other Chester based hairdresser does. He works as a session hairdresser at well known fashion shows such as the London Fashion Week and many more. Only the very best stylists get to do this kind of work, and Tom is amazing at what he does. In tough conditions, he manages to create unique styles to suit the remit of a wide range of fashion designers who as you can imagine, are not easy to please. They expect, and get, the very best styles to suit their ranges and Tom manages this and manages it well.

Again, he is as a result, able to feedback what he’s learned and achieved in house, to give our other stylists the benefit of his experience which naturally benefits the Chester and Tarporley salon clients.

So if you want to visit a great hairdresser in Chester, you know you’re in the right place!