The clients that visit our hairdressers are an eclectic mixture of individuals. They range from those who are fashion conscious; put differently, people that like to try new things and feel that they must have the latest new thing/trend. People who come to this hairdressers are often those who are more aware of their well being, more eco friendly (as we use eco friendly products); they like simple and beautiful and want to maintain their hair themselves at home between visits.

People feel more comfortable visiting hairdressers with highly qualified staff

Soul Hair Salon has a highly qualified and award winning stylist. They have a Colour expert working for them who has trained solely in colour, the science of colour, how it is viewed and how it can totally change the look of a person by complimenting their skin highlighting their features such as eye colour.

Clients want to visit hairdressers with a strong sense of customer focus

Here at Soul Hair, focus on excellent customer service is paramount. They ensure that the client has a great experience in the salon, feels totally pampered and also feels good as well as looking good when they leave.

This is a hairdressers that knows how to pamper their clients with those all important little extras. Soul Hair clients get the benefit of a relaxing, complimentary (free of charge) welcome head massage. Furthermore, they get a stress reducing hand massage with every conditioning treatment coupled with finishing with the skilled application of powder and lip gloss. Few hairdressers offer such an extensive range of complimentary therapies and extras.

Soul Hair Salon is the only hairdressers in Chester and Tarporley to work with Aveda. Aveda is a company that is aware of the world around us and use ingredients that are naturally derived. This is a very important factor for the more environmentally discerning clientele.

Clients want to visit a hairdressers that is ahead of the game

Soul Hair, hairdressers work closely with Wella Professional looking at new trends, techniques and products. Their training through Wella Profession and other providers is constant to keep us them to date with new colours, fashions, styles and trends. Several of this hairdresser’s team work alongside some big session stylist on shows such as London Fashion Week, Paris Fashion week and so on. Through this, they gain allot of inspiration from both the stylists they are working with and the clothes designers they are working for. So here at Soul Hair, we get to reproduce some of the latest looks and colours before any other hairdressers.

These hairdressers awards loyal clients with privilege points

Soul Hair endeavours to reward their loyal clients who visit and revisit our salons. They reward them with a privilege points whereby they will receive a free product perhaps, or even a cut and blow-dry.

In sum, people like to visit hairdressers with great staff, excellent customer service, environmentally aware and ahead of the game in terms of hair fashions and trends. Soul Hair does all of this and more!