Most of us visit hair salons a few times a year at least. A strange fact, in terms of our visits to hair salons is that unlike with many of our purchasing habits, we do not chose to go to our nearest hair salon. To explain, we seem more than willing to inconvenience ourselves, by choosing to visit the hair salons we like and trust, even if it means travelling that little bit further to get to them.

This tells us several things. Firstly, those hair salons are important to us, and secondly, we are willing to go out of our way to attend the salons we like.

Why is this? Well one reason is that many of us at least once in our life have visited a bad salon.

What makes a hair salons get a bad reputation?

Hair salons can get a bad reputation by being old fashioned, or scruffy unkempt environments. We all expect to get our hair done nicely in a nice place.

Other criticisms of bad hair salons are their having poorly trained or mediocre staff. Hair salons need highly trained professional staff, able to have the skills and confidence to implement great colours and styles, and advise appropriately. A hair salon may be too expensive, or not indulge us with those little extras that make your salon experience, and enjoyable one.

Hair salons are not in your bedroom or bathroom!

We’ve all seen the beautiful models on the packaging of home perm or colour products. As a result, if we’re honest, most of us have at one time or other attempted to emulate these models, or save a few pounds by attempting to colour, for example, our own hair at home. As a result, we have experienced at best mediocre results and at worst disasters. Our own homes are not hair salons, and few of us have the experience and skill to apply these colours well, or give ourselves great looking highlights or perms and so on.

The packaging models haven’t done these themselves either (of course). Naturally, top stylists and colourists have attended to them prior to the photographic advertising shoot. This may seem obvious, but a picture paints a thousand words and advertisers’ know this! Hair salons are not our own bedroom or bathroom and few of us have the skills and know how to give ourselves hair treatments. After all, we wouldn’t attempt to cut our own hair, so similarly, we shouldn’t attempt to colour, style or attempt anything else ourselves. Trial and error is all well and good but we cannot afford errors with our own looks, so do your hair a favour and leave it to the hair salons.

Soul Hair has two terrific hair salons

Soul hair has salons in Chester and Tarporley. They are the epitome of what makes hair salons, great hair salons.

Wonderfully decorated and furnished, in a contemporary, stylish manner, you know you are somewhere special as soon as you walk through the door. In these comfortable, beautiful surroundings you are warmly greeted by friendly staff, who offers you a cup of quality tea or coffee as you wait.

Our hair salons are staffed by highly qualified stylists’ and colourists, who undertake ongoing in-house and external courses continually. We want the very best for our clients, and that means having high quality, dedicated staff that can implement great styles and colours, give great advice and treat you in that special way we expect from quality hair salons.