Soul Hair stylists offer a terrific range of haircuts (styles) for men and women of all ages. Our stylists are so passionate about hairstyles; some even enter competitions and do well in them, with others working with designer’s models for London Fashion Week.

There is much to consider when considering a new haircut!

Chose a haircut that suits the shape of your face

The perfect haircut is about more than cutting your hair with scissors and a comb. With a free consultation prior to an appointment, we will determine your face shape so you’ll know exactly what you want.
The contours of your face are important when deciding on haircuts that suit you. You may have high cheekbones, a rounded face, an oval face, a long face or more square shaped face. Whatever your face shapes, there are haircuts inspired by celebrities and movie stars that suit your face shape magnificently.
Haircuts may need to include hair treatments

Sometimes people may suffer from dry, damaged or frizzy hair, split ends and so on. If you do, it may be worth including hair care treatments, a variety of which we offer, prior to styling your hair and enabling you to obtain the best results.

Great haircuts deserve great hair colour

Great haircuts can be complemented by a great colour, tints, highlights or low-lights. You may want to maintain an existing colour, enhance a home hair colouring attempt or look at ideas for greying hair.

Soul Hair has highly trained hair colourists’ who can advise you on the best colour to match your eyes or really enhance the way you look. With a large range of new exiting colours available, it may well be worth complimenting a haircut style with a trendy, fashionable and beautiful hair colour.

Friendly staff makes a huge difference!

I personally used to travel over ten miles for a haircut. I would pass dozens of other salons to get to the one I wanted to go. You may think it was the professionalism of the salon or high class décor etc that prompted me to drive so far to get a haircut.

These things are very important, and Soul Hair score highly on all of them. But the truth is, I got on really well with the stylists; the place was warm, friendly and inviting.

Soul Hair staff are passionate about their art and equally passionate about helping you achieve the look you desire. Their growing list of regular clients is testimony to the fact that our salons are friendly and personable environments.

As well as been beautifully decorated and comfortable, complimentary quality teas or coffees are offered as you wait and a free consolation allows you to get the best haircuts, colours or treatments you need.

With a range of pricing options available, we can help you whether you feel like or can afford to treat yourself or you are on a budget.

Soul Hair salons (with branches in Chester and Tarporley) have the right haircuts for men and women of any age and we’d love to hear from you.

Try something different and you won’t be disappointed. Next time you are thinking about haircuts, think about booking an appointment with Soul Hair salons!