There is more than you think to hairstyles. We oftentimes hear, ‘wow, that hairstyle really suits you’, or ‘that cut or colour makes you look better and so on. A new hairstyle can achieve many things such as the following:

  • Hairstyles can make you look younger
  • Hairstyles can make you look thinner
  • Hairstyles to make you look more business-like
  • Hairstyles that can make you seem more fun loving
  • Hairstyles can make you look more attractive
  • Hairstyles can compliment your looks
  • Hairstyles can be seductive
  • Hairstyles can make you look more fashionable


With this in mind, it is equally true that:

  • Hairstyles can make you look older
  • Hairstyles can make you look more weighty
  • Hairstyles can make you look less business like
  • Hairstyles can make you look serious
  • Hairstyles can make you look less attractive
  • Hairstyles can make you look old fashioned


What is certain is that hairstyles can have a huge effect on how you look and often how you are perceived by others as well as yourself.

Soul Hair has everything from graduate stylists to senior stylists and style managers to help you achieve the hairstyle you want. With prices related to the level of the stylist, styling your hair, we offer a bespoke service that suits your budget.

Soul Hair even has competition stylists that not only enter national competitions, but do well in them and win. They also have stylists that work with designers, styling models hair for the prestigious London Fashion Week.

Our stylists undergo continual in house training courses to update their skills as well as attending external higher qualifications. Soul Hair believes that high quality training, as well as experience leads to high quality results.

As well as hairstyles, hair colour can have an equally strong effect in either complementing the hairstyle or changing your appearance. Again, we have highly trained and experienced colourists who are knowledgeable about all the latest products and techniques available in the hair colour arena.

Great quality hairstyles look best on great quality hair! Many people suffer from split ends, dry scalps and numerous other issues. Soul Hair offers a plethora of hair and scalp treatments aimed at replenishing and rejuvenating your hair.

These include:

Hair repair treatments

These treatments will improve your damaged hair by up to 84%. We use a powerful formula of quinoa protein and sugar beet-derived amino acid. This will leave your hair strands strong, supple and healthy.

Hair growth inducing nioxin scalp treatments

It has been described as a facial for your scalp! This derma renew therapy will remove dead skin cells and excess sebum. This allows for a perfect foundation for new and healthy hair growth.

Liquid hair treatment

Liquid Hair is formulated with Molecular Hair Restructurer technology. It helps to rebuild keratin bonds within your hair. This replenishes your essential amino acids. It fills in the ‘gaps’ where damage has previously occurred.

With a free consultation, we can help you decide on the best course of action for you, whether it is a style, colour, treatment or all of these!

We hope to hear from you soon!