Since Ancient Roman times and earlier, women have loved to get their hair styled at a salon. The process of designing new hair styles, and making women look beautiful, is part of our deepest desires; it is something that women of Ancient Rome would completely be able to relate to with women today on. The process of our going to consult with professionals on how to make our hair look as good as it can be is something that has always been done.

Today, we want to gain access to some of the nicest products on the market today, and a place where you can relax, unwind, and talk with your stylist or friends that may be there. This is more than just a place to get a haircut. It’s a place where a woman can be socialise and be herself.

As discussed, even 2000 years ago, women spent a time and energy making their hair looks beautiful. There are ancient murals of women dyeing their hair with henna (which turned their hair colour red) and gold powder for those who were wealthier. Women also used to wear flowers in their hair all over the world.  Usually, in most cultures, men kept their hair short, but both men and women were serviced by barbershops and the hair salon. In the case of ancient Rome and Greece, this was usually run by slaves.  As well as hair styling, fashion was alive and well in ancient times, as it still is today.

So the hair salon has existed in one form or another for several hundred years, but we know that for at least the past 2000 years women have been very interested in personal fashion. If you need some advice on where to take your style, or just are looking for a place to relax, the beauty salon is a great choice.

What we look for in a salon!

Don’t get too comfortable at your old salon!

There are many things we look for when considering a visit to a hair salon! But firstly, what we do recommend is that from time to time you visit a new salon, as you may be pleasantly surprised by what a salon, such as Soul Hair has to offer, if you haven’t tried us.

The look of the place

When people want to create a new look or enhance an existing look, then they gain confidence by the look of the salon they are visiting. If the owners don’t take the trouble and expense to make their salon look great, that doesn’t bode well for how they deliver their services in general.

Soul Hair, with branches in Chester and Tarporley, is a terrific looking salon. Tastefully decorated, it has a light and airy feel. It has a contemporary design that compliments its setting. You know that this is a salon that cares, as soon as you step in through the doors. Moreover, you can see this from the outside too!

Great products

Soul Hair ensures they use first class products on your hair. With an emphasis on environmentally friendly products and sustainability as well as safety for the customer, Soul Hair is at the forefront of Salons which embody a principled approach to the products they use.

Highly trained staff

Soul Hair salon(s), put great emphasis on staff training and development. As well as the obligatory qualifications, everyone at Soul Hair undertakes compulsory in-house training. This is ongoing and occurs several times throughout the year; year in and year out.

Many of our staff also undertakes external higher qualifications in their chosen area of expertise. For example, we have colourists who have taken the Wella master in colour award. This is the highest colourist qualification attainable and is equivalent to a university degree.

Well trained staff delivers well executed haircuts, styles and colours, so we believe this is a fundamental element in what makes us so successful!

Friendly staff

A Warm and friendly environment must be staffed by warm and friendly people. Soul Hair work hard to ensure friendly charterers are employed in their salons. From giving great advise to just having a friendly talk, Soul Hair is has a friendly, social atmosphere with happy, helpful and friendly staff.

As you wait, you will be offered high quality teas and coffees which are always welcome!

Complementary treatments

The main aim of hair care treatments is to allow people to revitalize their own hair, rejuvenating the strands, replenishing the body of hair and encouraging natural hair health.

Many people suffer from frizzy hair, split ends, dandruff and dry hair along with other hair and scalp problems. If this is you, there is a solution! Within a general hair appointment with Soul Hair, you are able to book express treatments to fit in alongside this. Pre-booked treatments are also available, allowing you to get a full hair care evaluation and consultation.

Soul Hair’s hair care treatments are bespoke.  Treatments on offer are tailor made to suit your individual hair care needs, whatever are.

We have an extensive hair care treatment service.  This provides you with up to the minute solutions to all your hair and scalp requirements making you feel totally pampered.

Our hair care treatments include: Botanical hair and scalp treatments, Moisturizing treatments, Hair repair treatments, Hair growth inducing nioxin scalp treatments, and our exclusive Liquid hair treatment.

Pricing structure to suit your budget

Soul Hair has a terrific pricing structure to suit your budget. The prices range from using an under supervision trainee to a stylist, senior stylist and style manager. This flexibility allows you to splash out or budget as you prefer.


There are many reasons to try Soul Hair. We have described just a few of them. In the beginning we encouraged you to give us a try, and we very much hope you do! Next time you are considering visiting a salon, consider Soul Hair, we are confident that you won’t be disappointed!