Looking for a Hair Colour Technician?

If so, you have come to the right place. Soul Hair not only offers outstanding haircuts, but hair colour services that are among the best on offer in the region. How they achieve it is down to a dedicated, motivated, skilled and highly trained staff.

Take one of our top hair colour technicians for example!

One hair colour technician that works for Soul Hair, Sarah Stead, has just completed her Masters in Colour, namely the Wella Masters Colour Award. This award has been recognised as being the equivalent to a university degree, and is the highest qualification a hair colour technician can gain.

Sarah gets invited to the annual colour congress at Wella Studios. Only hair colour technicians with Masters Qualifications from Wella can attend this prestigious event. Here, Sarah gets the chance to see firsthand, the new developments in the colour industry before they become widely available. This knowledge is fed back to us, here at Soul Hair, so then to our customers.

What makes hair colour services so important to our clients?

Soul Hair Salon has some terrific, highly qualified stylists. It is very important for our customers to be advised on, and get a great hair cut. They naturally want a hair style that compliments their features, the shape of their face and so on.

Equally, many of our clients want to compliment a great hair style with a terrific colour. They want a colour that either enhances their natural colour or matches the colour of their eyes for example. Equally, they may want a colour that really makes them stand out in a crowd, or specialised highlights and so on.

A new or enhanced hair colour or tints can have a huge impact on their looks and clients are increasingly aware of this. New colours, new techniques and unique blends are always changing, so it’s important to have a hair colour technician that is not only well trained and qualified, but is able to have access to all the new developments in the hair colour industry.

Our Masters qualified hair colour technician fulfils all the above, with this knowledge transferring straight to our salon staff, then of course the clients.

Why use a hair colour technician?

As any hair colour technician will tell you, the application of a hair colour is not an easy process. There is a science to doing this well that takers specialised training and years of practise. Moreover, there is a health and safety aspect to the procedures with regard to the possibility of allergies when not properly tested by a qualified hair colour technician beforehand.

Many of our clients have attempted to colour their own hair with disastrous results. If we are honest, we all know someone who has tried to colour their own hair with disappointing results. Much of our hair colour work is based on correcting these attempts.

Now the models you see on hair colour products may look amazing, but you can be sure that a professional, qualified and experienced hair colour technician has done it for them.

To conclude, if you want your hair coloured, you need a good hair colour technician to do it. And here at Soul Hair, we have some of the best hair colour technicians in the region.