Looking for a colourist in Chester?

If you need a colourist, Chester has many salons, but if you are looking for a great Chester based colourist, for an affordable price, Soul Hair is the place for you.

Chester based Soul hair, is a leading Chester salon. Soul Hair is a beautiful looking salon, wonderfully decorated in a contemporary and stylish way. Comfortably furnished, you can relax as you wait to be seen in stylish, beautiful and comfortable surroundings.

Soul Hair has one of the most highly qualified colourists in Chester

A leading member of the Soul Hair team, Sarah Stead has completed a Masters in Colour with Wella. This Master colour award (equivalent to a university degree) is the highest qualification a colourist can achieve in the UK, and there are very few of these in Chester.

Sarah started hairdressing from an early age, and right from the beginning learned that the colourist aspect of the profession was what she really excelled in. Chester based Soul Hair invests a lot of time and money in professional development of their staff, and it was as a result of this, that Sarah now has the Wella Master colour award.

This colourist award allows Sarah to attend the annual colour congress at the Wella Studios. Here, she is able to learn from and adapt skills taught by guest artists who are amongst the best in Britain. She also gets to learn of the future trends and products available before they come onto the market. This knowledge is relayed back to us, here at Chester giving us a leading edge over our competitors.

Some Chester women have not used a colourist!

Across Britain, women have attempted to colour their own hair and Chester is no exception. Transfixed by the beautiful models on the bottle or packaging, they think they can achieve this in a do it yourself fashion. We all know someone who has been at best disappointed with the results of do it yourself hair colouring, and at worst a disaster. What the packaging won’t tell you is that the models themselves (displayed) have not, of course, done it themselves. They have had the benefit of a qualified, professional colourist to apply the colour for them.

Here in Chester, Soul Hair Salon often sees the result of do it yourself efforts gone wrong, whereby we are given the task of correctional work. And our colourists are kept busy correcting badly done colours, but for the purpose of assisting you, we’d strongly advise you use a professional, qualified hair colourist.

Soul Hair receives terrific feedback.

Testimony to this is in the fantastic feedback we get from our clients. Comments such as Chester based Soul Hair being “the best hairdressers I’ve been to in a long time”, amazing haircut and lovely surroundings”, “I have never had so many complements” and so on are testimony to the fact that Soul Hair is one of the best salons in Chester.

So if you are looking for a stylist or colourist or both in Chester, look no further than Soul Hair.