That golden time period between your cut and colour can seem a little illusive. Some people say it’s six weeks, others three months, and some say it’s just when ‘you feel ready’, so how can you tell when you should visit your hairdresser?

Lots of factors play a role in this, such as your hair length, style, type and whether you colour your hair. To help you recognise the signs, here’s how to tell when it’s time to visit your hairdresser…

Your hair doesn’t look quite right

What you might not realise is that your hair grows at different rates from different parts of your head, which over time might result in layers becoming much longer than you intended, and the shape being lost from your hair. If you’re starting to feel like your hair isn’t sitting right, this might be the reason and is a good indicator that it’s time for a restyle or a tidy up.

Your style is barely visible anymore

If you have your hair cut into a specific style, such as a blunt bob or with lots of layering and feathering, as your hair grows your style will essentially grow out. In addition, if you like your hair at a specific length, of course as a few months pass your hair will no longer be at that length. If your style is starting to fade due to growth, it’s time for a refresh to get your shape back.

Your roots are starting to show

Of course, if you colour your hair after 4-8 weeks your roots will start to show. How prominent they really depend on how different your hair colour is to your natural colour, and how quickly your hair grows. Once roots become noticeable, it’s time to book in for a colour refresh.

Your hair is becoming difficult to manage

Have you ever noticed after a cut that your hair not only feels and looks great but just seems easier to manage and style too? This is because any dryness and split ends can create frizz, making hair generally unruly and tricky to keep in check. If you’re finding your hair difficult to style, or if it’s not really holding its style anymore, that’s a clear sign that it’s in need of some TLC. If in doubt, book a consultation to discuss any issues you’re having and get professional advice. We’re always happy to help and can help you better understand how often your hair needs a trim, colour or restyle.