Party season may seem a little way off yet, but the key to getting your party season look just right is prep. If you plan on trying a new look for Christmas parties and celebrations it is worth experimenting now to find a style that you love and feel confident in achieving. Whether you’re looking for a complete professional restyle, or you want to experiment with new styles at home, here are a few hairstyles to try for party season this year…

Volumised Ponytail

Avoid a fussy or more traditional up-do this season, instead try this glamorous twist on the ponytail. This super flattering look can be worn high on the head at the crown of the neck, or at the nape of the neck for a paired-down look. Match your pony style to your outfit, if you’re going glam or edgy try a high pony, and for more demure pretty looks try a low pony.

To create start by adding volume to the roots – backbrush the hair at the roots, especially at the crown. For a high pony part the hair in the middle and section off two tresses of hair to frame your face, tip your head upside down, keeping your sectioned off pieces separate, and gather up the hair an inch under the crown of your head. Tip your head forwards again, smooth the top over and secure with a band.

For a low pony, try cheating a side fringe by parting your hair low and deep on the left hand side. Back brush at the crown as above, then secure the hair in a low pony to the right, so that your side fringe and pony tail are sitting on the same side. Finish with a little hairspray to hold.

Colour Update

If you’re looking for a more permanent style update for the season why not opt for a new colour? Just coloured hair looks vibrant and glossy, and is the perfect way to nail your party season look. If you’re brunette try a rich chocolate or go for a dark auburn, for blondes try honey toned low or highlights, and for redheads why not try an ombre look. For the bold and blonde try a pastel ombre.


Glitter, glamour and sequins go hand in hand with the 1920s, so why not try a ‘20s inspired hairstyle too? Try finger waves for a pretty look that can be worn up or down. The trick here is the get your waves even to create sculpted lines. This look should be worn in a side parting and frizz is a certain no-no. The look should be smooth and neat, and the length not too long. If you have long hair dry tucking the ends up and clipping to fake a bob. Finish the look off with a feather headband or a jewel encrusted slide.

This look can be a little tricky to master, so for your work Christmas do or other big parties you are attending consider having this styled by a professional.

Party season is the ideal time to have fun with your look. Which style will you be opting for this Christmas?