It’s no lie that our modern day lifestyles are now busier than ever before, yet we all want to feel and look great as we go about our day. Busier schedules and an increasing list of responsibilities means that we have less time to spend on everyday grooming, but that doesn’t mean you should forget about it all together. The trick is finding a style that works for you that’s easy to do and quick too. Read on to discover everyday hairstyles that you can create in 10 minutes or less…

Bohemian Braid – Time: 10 minutes

A side braid is a great way to create a stylish look and keep your hair neat and out of the way for a busy day ahead. Rather than opting for a basic braid, try this bohemian twist on a classic style for a super-stylish look…

  1. Create a deep side parting on one side of your head, then sweep the hair back a few inches from the forehead to ensure you have lots of volume at the back. Use a comb to backbrush the hair at your crown a little.
  2. Take the front section of your hair on the opposite side to your parting and start to braid, use a french braid method by picking up extra pieces of hair from the back of your head and the front.
  1. Carry on braiding, taking extra sections to add more hair into the plait. When you reach the bottom of your ear use a tie to secure the braid here.
  2. Take the hair on the other side of your head and twist it up and back to create some volume here, pull a little hair out at the front to keep the look soft. Swoop your hair round the back of your neck to join with the plait you secured earlier on the opposite side.
  3. You should now have all of your hair in one hand. Remove the band you used to secure your plait, but keep the plait in place and start to plait in the rest of your hair. Continue to braid your hair until you get to the length you want, then secure with a band. Finish with hairspray to keep in place all day.


Simple Waves – Time – 5 Minutes

This look takes a little prep the night before, but it so easy to style the next day and looks beachy and natural.

  1. The night before after washing your hair, comb it back at the roots so that it doesn’t sit in a parting. Add a little mousse to the roots and the length and plait the hair. Secure with a band and leave over night.
  2. Remove your braid in the morning, tip your head upside down and shake to loosen the waves. Back brush at the crown a little to avoid the hair being flat.
  3. Take a section of hair at the front on either side at your temples, around an inch wide each. Twist the hair and pull it back, securing at the back of the head if it is long enough with a band, or securing at the side of the head using grips. Tease your hair underneath up a little to add volume to the top section.
  4. Finish with a little hairspray to hold.


Hair in ten minutes doesn’t have to mean boring or basic. Try these adding these looks into your everyday style to mix things up a bit.