Your hair and scalp can become damaged or dry for a number of reasons. For some, a badly applied do-it-yourself hair-dye has left your hair or scalp damaged. For many women, their hair can become less healthy after pregnancy. For others, the stresses of daily life have ensured they have not looked after their hair which has resulted in damaged hair and so on.

Whilst it is great to treat yourself to a new style or colour, it is more important to start with the foundation of a healthy head of hair and a healthy scalp. A style will not look its best or a colour stand out as well if the hair and scalp are not healthy.

Soul Hair offers a free consultation where we can discuss and advise on your hair and scalp needs. We have experts in hair care with professional knowledge of some of the latest products available and techniques regarding hair and scalp health. Some of our treatments available include:

Botanical hair and scalp

The botanical hair and scalp treatment is regarded as a spa for your hair and scalp.  It uses aroma-therapeutic essential oils to create a healthy scalp. This has been described as the foundation for beautiful hair!


This is an amazing moisture treatment which can improve dry hair by up to 86%.  It utilises the power of buriti and pomegranate oils and leaves your hair strands soft, silky and shiny.


Our repair treatment helps improve your damaged hair by up to 84% using the power of quinoa protein and sugar beet-derived amino acid. This is a treatment that will leave your hairs strands strong, supple and healthy-looking.

Nioxin scalp

Nioxin scalp can be described as a facial for the scalp! It is a derma renew therapy that works by removing dead skin cells, excess sebum. This treatment gives you the perfect foundation for future healthy hair growth.

Liquid hair

The liquid hair treatment has been formulated with Molecular Hair Restructurer technology. It helps to rebuild keratin bonds within the hair.  This will replenish essential amino acids, filling in the ‘gaps’ where damage has occurred.

The great news for you is that all our treatments include a relaxing, complementary head and hand massage.

Soul Hair is a terrific Salon!

Soul Hair is a terrific salon. Beautifully decorated in a contemporary style, it’s somewhere you know you’ll be looked after. You are welcomed with a complimentary high quality tea or coffee as you wait and are greeted by friendly and helpful staff.

We have pricing options to suit your budget and you can book anyone from graduate stylists to senor stylists and style managers. We have highly trained experts in hair styling, hair colouring and hair treatments.

Soul Hair has branches both in Chester and nearby Tarporley. As suggested, a free consultation is on offer for anyone who calls or comes in to our salons. So whether you need a hair treatment, a style, a colour or all three, you know where to come!