Soul Hair is now offering hair extensions! If you lust for long luscious locks but your hair isn’t quite there yet, then extensions are just the solution for you! Hair extensions can also give you thickness, volume and chemical free colour. Soul Hair now offers various methods such as Fusion bonding, tape and micro ring.

Hair extensions are popular with high profile women such as Lady Gaga and Michelle Obama to name but two!
By partnering up with Beauty Works Jen Atkin an award winning Company we can offer exceptional quality hair and bespoke design.
The key to getting a natural look is our ability to Colour Match and choose the right method that suits your. We recognise that everyone is different and has different needs when it comes to their hair.

Soul Hair offers a full service Fitting, maintaining, removal, cutting, styling and after care advice to ensure you get a long life out of the hair.
Hair extensions will still allow your natural hair to grow. With tape hair extensions, there is no damage to your real hair, so it’s a good alternative to use while waiting for your natural hair to recover from a bad haircut, split ends, a bad dye job or whatever other problems arise.

There are many reasons why women choose to have hair extensions including as follows:

  1. Many women cut their hair and instantly regret it and want their long hair back.
  2. Ladies can also have a hard time growing their hair out once it hits a certain length. Hair extensions therefore, help them reach their desired length.
  3. Women with thin hair may just want to add both thickness and length.
  4. Some women want to add streaks of colour through their hair yet not want to damage their hair by dying it. Extensions therefore, are a safe alternative to achieve this!
  5. For women who don’t have time to style their hair every day, you can get different textures of hair put in and therefore have great new looks. You can get wavy to tight curls, and it will always look like you took the time to do your hair!


To give their natural hair a rest from day to day styling. If you style your hair every day, you use heat and hair care products. Sometimes your hair just needs a break to grow and to retain some of its natural oils.

One thing to be aware of is ensuring the extensions are not too heavy as this can damage your own hair. But there’s no need to worry as our Soul Hair, hair extensions specialists make sure our extensions are fitted in a way that won’t damage your natural hair.

So next time you are considering any kind of hair extensions; contact Soul Hair for a free consultation. We look forward to making you look amazing!