Need your hair colouring?

If so, you have visited the right page. If you are looking for a colourist in Chester, here at Soul Hair, we employ one of the most highly qualified colourists in Chester and surrounding areas. The better the colourist, the better you look.

Sarah Stead – Hair Colourist

Sarah Stead is based in our Chester Salon. Sarah is a graduate of Wella, having gained a Master colour award from them. The Wella Master Colour award is equivalent to a university degree, and there is no higher colourist qualification that it is possible to attain in the UK.

Having this Master Colour Award allows Sarah to attend the colour congress held annually at the Wella Studios. Only colourists who have gained their Master Colour Award from Wella are permitted to attend this prestigious event.

This annual Wella event is fantastically beneficial not only for the colourist attending, but also for their salon, which is in our case, Chester based Soul Hair. The event invites top artists from across the country to demonstrate their latest colourist creations, allowing these skills to be transferred to the attendees, who in turn bring these colour trends to their salon. New products and techniques are also highlighted before they become available on the market. All this ensures that the colourist, and manifestly their salon remain at the leading edge of hair colourist trends. This knowledge and skills are enjoyed by the salon clients, who benefit from great new looks in this ever changing and popular area of hair beauty.

Soul Hair focuses heavily on the professional development of their stylists and colourists, with ongoing in house training as well as external courses. A disinterested member of staff doesn’t last long in our environment, where good hairdressing is not just a job, it’s a passion.

Sarah, for example began training to be a hairdresser in her teens, and quickly found that the colourist aspect of the profession was where she was most adept. Here at Soul Hair, we were able to capitalise on this interest which lead to Sarah gaining this prestigious qualification. Sarah didn’t just want to be a good hair colourist, she aims to be the best and Soul Hair enters and does well in numerous colourist and stylist competitions.

Few salons in the Chester area have staff members who have achieved this award, and we like to think our Chester salon has some of the most motivated, professional and qualified staff to match any rival salon.

The Salon

Soul Hair salon in Chester is a beautifully decorated (contemporary) salon and comfortably furnished. So you can relax with a quality cup of tea or coffee whilst you wait for our stylist or colourist services.

We offer a wide range of services with a pricing structure that helps make our treatments and services available to the vast majority of people.

Soul Hair has branches both in Chester and nearby Tarporley, so whether you need a great hair stylist, colourist or both, we look forward to hearing from you!