Flat hair can be a real burden and generally a frustration. There are a variety of reasons why your hair might look flat, from having naturally thin hair to having heavy hair that weighs your hair down on top, but there are solutions to the problem.

Hair with a little volume is typically more flattering. To achieve volume in your hair, try these five methods…

1. Blow Dry Upside Down

One of the easiest ways to get more volume into your hair is to blow dry it upside down. In drying your hair the right way up, typically you concentrate the heat down the shaft of the hair, making it sit flat to your head. Instead, if you blow-dry it upside down, you will be lifting your roots away from your scalp to create instant volume. This is ideal for rough drying, but you can spend the last couple of minutes drying your hair the right way up to achieve your desired style.

2. Switch your Parting up

Your hair will naturally start to sit flatter at the roots as the day goes on as it settles into your style. In addition, if you wear your parting in the same place most days, essentially you are training it to sit this way and it will naturally sit flatter on your parting. To instantly create more volume, switch up your parting on those pesky flat hair days.

3. Use Volume Boosting Products

Sometimes our hair needs an extra helping hand. From nourishing and smoothing conditioners, to texture creating balms, we use other products daily to help control our style, so why not consider introducing a volume-boosting product too? We love the Pure Abundance Hair Potion by Aveda, which can be applied to damp or dry hair to add impressive volume and texture.

4. Sleep in a Bun

This method might sound unusual, but it’s actually really effective. To wake up to amazing volume, try popping your hair up in a bun after washing it in the evening. Do this while your hair is still damp, and go for a high and loose bun. Use a scrunchy or similar to hold in place to avoid getting hairband lines in your hair. By doing this, your hair will dry in a position so that it’s lifted off your scalp, so when you take it down, your roots will stand up a little to create impressive volume.

5. Use Dry Shampoo

While some dry shampoos aren’t great for your hair, using one with natural ingredients and of premium quality is a great way to boost your roots. If you don’t wash your hair every day, dry shampoo will help remove any excess oil that can weigh it down and give your hair a much-needed lift. Try the Shampure Dry Shampoo by Aveda to revive your hair using 99.8% naturally derived ingredients. For more assistance learning how to boost your hair to add impressive volume, get in touch and book an appointment. We’d be happy to help you find a style that will ensure you have voluminous hair each and every day.