Do you need a qualified hairdresser, a good hairdresser or a great hairdresser?

A lot of people can claim that they are a good hairdresser, but not every hairdresser is passionate about cutting hair. The hairdresser may have received College training that may make them a qualified hairdresser. However, a hairdressing qualification does not necessarily mean they are a good hairdresser and certainly not a great hairdresser.

Everyone’s hair is different and a great hairdresser is not dissimilar to a great sculptor or artist. A great sculptor will start with a block or wood, or perhaps a blank canvas as with an artist. They then have to create something beautiful from scratch. Moreover, a great hairdresser will both know what their client wants, and be able to advise on the potential style, colour, texture and cut that suits them. A great hairdresser (in a great salon) will use only the best products available; to help achieve the amazing look the customer really wants.

For a hairdresser to be able to advise, they have to know how to communicate is a professional, yet friendly manner. The hairdresser must know what the client wants, yet be knowledgeable enough in their ability to advise the client on what styles may suit their hair length, shape of face and so on. To do this, the hairdresser has to be passionate, creative, experienced, skilled and well trained.

So to sum up; there are a plethora of qualified hairdressers in the Chester and Tarporley areas. There are even quite a few that are regarded as being a good hairdresser. But a great hairdresser is hard to find, and as their testimonials can testify to, Soul Hair in Chester is (and Tarporley) staffed by great hairdressers.

So there is a great Hairdresser waiting for you at an amazing salon in Chester and Tarporley and their name is Soul Hair!

Soul Hair has two hairdresser salons, one at 13 Watergate Row in Chester (Tel: 01244 320 014), with the other located in 67 High Street, Tarporley (Tel: 01829 730 433).

Soul Hair opened almost eight years ago in 2007 and has continually received fantastic reviews from its inception. They are not the only hairdresser salon in Chester or Tarporley of course, but despite the competition, Soul Hair has quickly gained a reputation as being one of the premier hairdresser salons in both areas.

If you’ve been to see a great hairdresser in an amazing salon, the word will spread!

If you take a look at their testimonials you will see why people increasingly look for a Soul Hair salon hairdresser when they need one. Comments relating to them being ‘close to perfect’, ‘a luxurious and relaxing experience’, ‘excellent results’, and one client stating after her haircut, ‘I have never had so many compliments’ all stand as testimony to what is increasingly reputed to be a great salon.

Soul Hair is much more than a hairdresser

Whether you are a man or a woman in need of a great hairdresser, Soul Hair should be your first choice salon. This unisex salon offers some additional services as well as the usual cut and finish and cut and blow. You can get unbelievable value for money quotations on wedding hair requirements, be it for the bride, the groom, maids of honour or all of them. Complimentary treatments such as a relaxing head massage, hand massage and finishing touches are all part of the service.

So if you need a great hairdresser and live in or near the Chester or Tarporley area, get in touch with one of our friendly team and make an appointment with Soul Hair today!