A colour refresh can be just the ticket when it comes to revitalising our look, but how can we make the results last longer? There are a few ways in which you can make your colour results last, for hair that looks vibrant and rich with a healthy shine…

Avoid very hot showers

We know that hot showers can strip our skin of moisture, but did you know that very hot water can also reduce the life of your hair colour? When the water temperature is high, it opens the cuticle of the hair, releasing the colour and moisture. Where possible, use room temperature water, and if you can bear it, use cold water for your final rinse to seal the cuticle again.

Invest in a shower filter

Chemicals, chlorine and minerals in water can strip your hair colour much faster than soft water would. In addition, hard water also strips the hair of natural oils, which are essential to your hair health. If you live in a hard water area, consider investing in a shower filter to remove harmful elements from the water.

Avoid washing your hair too frequently

Straight after your new colour, try to wait to wash your hair for at least two days, and from then try not to wash your hair any more than 2-3 times each week. The less you wash your hair, the longer your colour will last. When you do come to wash your hair, use a gentle sulfate-free shampoo, to help prolong your colour even more.

Use a heat protectant

A huge part of making your colour last longer is down to your hair health. When your hair is strong and healthy, the integrity of your colour will remain for as long as possible. If you do heat style your hair, use a heat protector, such as the brilliant damage control by Aveda, which will minimise damage and breakage caused by heat styling.

Avoid rich hair masks

When it comes to glossy and rich hair colour, using a deep conditioning mask regularly seems like a great idea. The reality is that rich masks can fade brunette and red shades more quickly. This is because the treatments are designed to get deep into the hair follicle, which means when it’s rinsed out, it can take the colour molecule with it, resulting in your colour fading quicker.

Avoid this by opting for a good everyday conditioner that’s gentle and moisturising, without it being too strong.

A few simple changes to your routine could help your colour last longer. Of course no matter how careful we are, colour does still need a refresh from time to time, to keep it looking vibrant, glossy and healthy.