If you visit Our Soul Hair salons (we have branches in Chester and Tarporley), the first thing that you will notice is how beautiful they look. Modern, stylish, beautifully decorated and comfortably furnished they are nice places to be in!

When an establishment takes care of their presentation, you know that they are serious about giving a satisfactory service. Light and airy and well equipped, you’ll be glad you came!

Friendly staff

Our staff is friendly, courteous and polite. They are ready to advise and help you. They are dedicated professionals who aim for you to leave the salon feeling more than satisfied with the results.

It’s nice to be greeted with a smile or share a friendly chat as well as get useful advice based on experience!

Competent hair stylists and colourists

Soul Hair put a great emphasis on staff training and development. All their staff undertakes continual in house training courses throughout the year. The aim is to update skills and learn the latest techniques.

As well as in house training, many of our people attend external courses. These are accredited courses that are higher than the obligatory hairdresser’s qualifications.

For example, we have top colourists who undertake the Wella master in colour awards. Wella usually insist on at least seven years experience as a colourist before being allowed on to the course.

On the course, they learn all aspects of hair colouring to a higher level. They learn about the latest techniques and newest procedures and all the latest developments in the art and science of hair colour.

This course is the highest recognised colourist qualification it is possible to obtain. It is equivalent to a university degree.

Graduates are allowed to attend the annual colour congress awards. Here, they learn about new products even before they are available on the market.

This information is then fed down to the rest of the staff in our in-house training sessions and naturally benefits the clients.

Soul Hair believe that high quality training leads to a higher quality service, and our ever increasing list of regular clients is testimony to the fact that it’s a vision that works.

Hair Treatments

Many people suffer from a whole host of hair and scalp issues. This can range from lifeless badly textured hair, to spilt ends and scalp issues. There are numerous hair and scalp issues that can have a bad impact on how your hair looks. It is always worth alleviating and treating these issues to get optimum results from a hair style or colour.

The treatments we have available include:

Botanical hair and scalp treatments

The botanical hair and scalp treatment has been described as a spa for your hair and scalp using aroma-therapeutic essential oils to create a healthy scalp. This treatment can be the foundation for attaining a beautiful head of hair!

Moisture Treatment 

This moisture treatment can improve dry hair by up to 86% with the power of buriti and pomegranate oils. This treatment will leave your hair strands soft, silky and shiny.

Hair Repair Treatment 

The hair r repair treatment should improve your damaged hair by up to 84%.  This treatment utilises the power of quinoa protein and sugar beet-derived amino acid. This treatment will leave your hairs strands strong, supple and healthy-looking.

Nioxin scalp treatments

The nixion scalp treatment has been described as a facial for the scalp! It is a derma renew therapy that removes dead skin cells, excess sebum, providing the perfect foundation for healthy hair growth.

Liquid hair treatment

The Liquid hair treatment is an amazing hair care treatment. This Liquid Hair is formulated with Molecular Hair Restructurer technology. It works by rebuilding keratin bonds within the hair and replenish essential amino acids, filling in the ‘gaps’ where damage has occurred.

Little extras

It is nice to get those little extras that make allot of difference to your salon experience. These include quality teas and coffees that are offered to you as you wait. Complementary head massages as well as hand massages are also offered for free along with finishing touches to complete your new look.

Are you planning a wedding?

From a consultation with the bride, trial practice and salon appointment to the salon Bridal specialist visiting your home or the wedding venue, we offer all you need to make yourself, the maids of honour or anyone else look amazing on their special day.

You may be getting married soon, or acting as a bridesmaid at a wedding this year! You may be the bride, groom or guest of honour or simply attending a wedding of a special person or family member.  Whatever your requirements, we have the perfect wedding hair for you ranging from classic up do’s to boho down do’s.

You want to pick a hair style that is trendy yet timeless.  You want to make sure when looking back on wedding photographs in the distant future, they do not make you cringe!

There is so much to organise for a wedding from the venue, flowers, dresses and suits, bridesmaid outfits and the list goes on and on. We can take much of the stress of the self presentation aspect away by having a stylist work their magic at your home or the venue itself.

Experienced wedding hair styles arrive early with plenty of time; they are fully equipped to ensure everyone looks amazing ion the day!

Wedding hair bookings can be a great gift from a family member that will be remembered for a long time. Children, grandchildren and perhaps beyond will view these special moments and you want to look your best on your special day. For a free consultation on our wedding hair packages, please get in touch.

Choose what you want to spend

Soul Hair offers a range of pricing options. You can choose from graduate stylists to senior stylists and style managers. The cost changes accordingly and you are left with an option to get a haircut or colour in alignment with your budget.

There are many reasons to visit Soul Hair and these are just a few of them. We look forward to hearing from you!