If so, Soul Hair Salon in Chester is likely one of your best options. If you are looking for a terrific colourist to colour your hair, or stylist to give you a stunning new look, we believe Soul Hair in Chester should be your number 1 choice

Why use a professional hair colourist?

You may not be surprised to hear that many people don’t in Chester or anywhere else! Off the shelf hair colour products are plentiful, and many of us have tried them, or know someone who has. Our hair colourist(s) spend allot of time correcting badly coloured do it yourself attempts.

Trying to make yourself a home colourist is not only dangerous due to allergic reaction ns (we allergy test all our clients) but being a colourist is both an art and a science, so to achieve the best results is not as easy as the advertising suggests.

The beautiful colour you see on the models hair, advertising these hair colour products have not of course been achieved by the model, but a professional hair colourist. This may seem obvious, but the colour we see on the models advertising home colour products is what initially draws us to the product.

In sum, to achieve the safest best results, do not attempt to do it yourself. Hire a professional hair colourist and if you live in or near Chester, Soul Hair salon has some of the best hair colourists in the region.

What makes a hair colourist a great hair colourist?

Not all hair colourists are the same. Like anywhere, Chester has some poor, mediocre, good and excellent hair colourists in its salons.

An excellent hair colourist will be first and foremost, highly trained, having undergone professional hair colourist training. They will be experienced in their craft, and well able to give sound colouring advice to their clients. They will be polite, friendly and professional and motivated in their given area of expertise.

It stands to reason, that a poor hair colourist will perform badly in all the aforementioned points. It is advisable therefore, to visit a good hair colourist to attain the best results, and Chester’s Soul Hair has some great colourist professionals.

Take one of our hair colourists, Sarah Stead for example!

Sarah Stead is a leading hair colourist based at our Chester salon. She has completed a Wella Master in Colour award from Wella’s colour congress course. This prestigious Wella qualification is the equivalent of a university degree and is the highest qualification a hair colourist can achieve, with few hair colourists in Chester having this qualification!

As a Wella Master in colour graduate, Sarah attends the annual Wella colour congress. Here, she gets to learn from some of Britain’s top colourists and stylists, and review the latest products before they are released onto the market. This knowledge is passed down to our other stylists and colourists, ensuring that our Chester salon is at the forefront of the latest trends, products and innovations. This in turn benefits our clients.

So if you are thinking of enhancing or changing your hair colour, so don’t try it at home! Book an appointment with a hair colourist, and if you want the best hair colourist in Chester, you know where to come!