Are you looking for a Hair Colourist in Chester?

If you live in or around the Chester area, let us introduce you to a fantastic Salon that provides hair colourist services that produces happy clients through outstanding results.

Hair Colourist services – safety first

Soul hair provides the full range of hair colourist services. For full head or semi permanent tints, an allergy patch test is provided. Safety of their clients, for Soul Hair, is paramount.They ensure an allergy patch test is carried out without exception, before applying any colour directly to the head.

There is rarely a problem, but this procedure is necessary to ensure clients don’t experience any allergic reactions.

A Soul Hair, hair colourist will ensure that the best quality, safest products are used, to further ensure both the health and safety of the customer and the quality of the procedure. The safest products and highest quality results is what you will get from a Soul Hair, hair colourist.

Hair colourist services available in our Chester salon

The range of hair colourist services include the aforementioned full head permanent tints and semi-permanent tints for which an allergy test is required. Also, easy meche or foil high-lights or low lights. They also provide hair wedges that provide your hair with a flash of colour where required. Lastly, they provide burnt in colour hair colouring procedures.

Soul Hair are adept at transforming badly done hair colouring procedures a client has either attempted at home, or has had done by a less able hair colourist from a rival Chester salon. Soul Hair has assisted numerous customers who have made an appointment with our colourist, having had a bad result at another salon or having attempted it themselves.

What makes a good hair colourist?

Firstly, a good hair colourist will be well trained, of course qualified, and through experience, skilled at colouring hair to a high standard. They will be able to advise the client on what colour would work best in unison with their skin tone. Furthermore, they should be able to advise on what colour to avoid; put differently, what colour to avoid in terms of what wouldn’t work well with their own natural hair colour.

In sum, as well as skills, creativity and experience, a good hair colourist has to be competent enough to correctly advise his / her clients on what would work best and what to avoid as well as being creative.

There are some wonderful examples of some stunning styles and colour combinations created by our hair colourist(s) and stylists’ in our Chester Salon on the Soul Hair Gallery page. Every customer is unique, and the fusion of creative styling and head turning colour combinations is truly outstanding.

So if you are looking for a hair colourist in Chester, look no further than Soul Hair!

What else do they do?

Soul Hair is a beautifully, stylish and modern fitted salon offering a range of hairdressing/hair styling services, perms, hair colourist services and complimentary treatments such as head and hand massages and finishing touches.