Many of our customers have taken a ‘do it yourself’ approach to colouring and tinting or highlighting their own hair. Here at the Soul Hair salon, we’ve had allot of business, correcting at best mediocre, and at worst disastrous attempts at home hairdressing

Our advice is to visit a reputable hairdressing salon, rather than be taken in by the advertising on the home hairdressing products available. These home hairdressing products will show great looking models, showing off a terrific colour or perm for example. The problem is that these models have had their hair coloured by a top colourist from a top hairdressing salon. They have not, of course, done it themselves. This may seem obvious, but if we’re honest, we all at least know someone who has tried a hair colour themselves with awful results don’t we? This can even be a dangerous practise, without proper allergy testing and so on.

Many aspects of hairdressing are both an art and a science, and we should be aware, that the safest way to get the best results is to book an appointment with a good hairdressing salon, and not attempt these things ourselves.

What makes a hairdressing salon, a great hairdressing salon?

First and foremost, a great hairdressing salon with be staffed by great hairdressers. Soul hair’s hairdressing salon is staffed by highly trained, competent and skilled staff.

Our staff undergoes continual in house training, along with developmental external training courses to ensure they are trained in their area of expertise to the best possible standards. We have one colourist who has gained the Wella Master in Colour award. Equivalent to a university degree, this is the highest hairdressing hair colour award attainable. One of our hairdressing stylists styles hair for top fashion designers for the prestigious London Fashion week, as well as working at our salon. These are just a few examples of the high level of professionalism we both expect and encourage at our salon. There is few hairdressing salons that go to such lengths to ensure their staff are developed, as Soul Hair does.

Soul Hair is a hairdressing salon that you know is special as soon as you walk through their doors. Beautifully decorated in a modern, contemporary style, it’s a great salon to be in. As you sit down and relax in these wonderful surroundings, you are offered great quality teas and coffees.

Attentive, friendly and helpful salon staff is ready to advice, as well as the hairdressing services themselves. Complimentary treatments and extras such as a head and/or hand massages come as part and parcel and finishing touches added for free. All these things help to make your salon experience, all that more special which is what great hairdressing is all about.

Soul Hair salon is a hairdressing salon that refuses to rest on its laurels, despite already having a terrific and growing reputation. Our hairdressing salons are continually striving to improve what they do, and the outstanding feedback (as shown on this web-site) they continually receive is testimony to that.

If you want to visit the best hairdressing salon in Chester or Tarpoley, book an appointment with Soul Hair today.