If you are looking for a hairdresser, you want to either change or maintain the way you look! No one makes an appointment at a hairdresser without the aim of looking better when they come out than they did when they want in.

In these recessionary times, it is important to spend wisely, ensuring you get the best possible service for your money.

Here at Soul Hair salon, we provide a high quality service for both women and men. With a growing list of clients and terrific feedback, don’t just take our word for it!

Take a look at the recent feedback from just a few of our visitors:


The terrific feedback we receive is testimony to the fact that we are a salon you can trust to deliver the goods.  Your hair is safe in our hands.

Abbey Trevor wrote:

“Had my hair done by Laura, had amazing time well looked after. Absolutely in love with my colour and cut thank you x”

Meghan Hughes wrote:

Not just a haircut but a whole hairstyling experience. Fantastic salon and wonderful staff. Can always rely on James to make my hair look fabulous with a style that keeps looking great until my next appointment.”

An amazing time, well looked after, in love with my colour, a whole hairstyling experience and fabulous are a selection of terms and phrases these ladies used.

You see, there is allot that goes to make a salon a great salon. Whether it is the friendliness and competency of the staff, the environment, the cuts and colours available or the products used, there is much to consider. We believe, with many of our old and new clients, that Soul Hair has it all.

Staff Training and development

Soul Hair takes pride in the fact that they take staff training and development very seriously. They go beyond the required hairdressing qualifications. All staff undergoes year round in house training with the aim of bringing them to a stylist level and beyond.

As well as in house training, their staff undergoes high quality post qualification external courses. For example, we have several staff who has undertaken the Wella Master in colour award. Equivalent to a university degree, this is the highest recognised colourist award attainable. The science of safe hair care colouring as well as learning about the very latest colours, ensures we are at the top of the game with hair colouring.

We even have staff that take part in national competitions and do well in them.

The Salon itself

As well as being well equipped and spotlessly clean, our salons look amazing. You know you are in for a treat as soon as you enter. Our salons are light and airy and stylishly decorated and furnished. No expense has been spared to make our salons a wonderful place to be in!

Inspired haircuts and colours

You may just want to keep your usual look! If so, we can of course do this! But if you want to try something completely new, Soul Hair has much to offer you. You may well find that we not only meet, but surpass your expectations, leaving you with a look that will look amazing.

A personal consultation will ensure you get the style and colour (if you require), that suits the contours of your face.

Soul Hair stylists and colourists offer a wide range of classical and contemporary haircuts and colours for men and women. They can deliver the latest fashion haircuts inspired by A-list celebrities and global stars, which really give you that wow factor!

Complimentary and relaxing hand and head massages and finishing touches are all part of the service. We promise that you will leave our salons feeling better than when you came in.

Pricing options to suit your budget

Soul Hair salons have various pricing options to suit all budgets’. You have the choice ranging from graduate stylists to senior stylists and managers. This allows you to choose what you want to spend on your haircut and/or colour.

Hair care treatments available

You may suffer from a dry scalp, split ends, dry or frizzy hair and any number of problems that impact on your hair and scalp. Soul Hair offer a number of hair care treatments using the latest, premier products.

After a free consultation, we will help you decide on the best course of action to replenish, restore and treat your hair and scalp to get it back into tip top condition.

These treatments include:

  1. Botanical hair and scalp treatments

This is effectively a spa for your hair and scalp.  We utilise aroma-therapeutic essential oils to create a healthy, revitalized scalp. Beautiful hair begins with a healthy scalp.

  1. Moisturizing treatments

This can improve dry hair by up to 86%. We use buriti and pomegranate oils, leaving your hair strands silky, soft and shiny.

  1. Hair repair treatments

Our treatments will improve your damaged hair by up to 84%. We use a powerful formula of quinoa protein and sugar beet-derived amino acid. This will leave your hair strands strong, supple and healthy.

  1. Hair growth inducing nioxin scalp treatments

This has been described as a facial for your scalp! The derma renew therapy will remove dead skin cells and excess sebum. This allows for a perfect foundation for new and healthy hair growth.

  1. Liquid hair treatment

Liquid Hair is formulated with Molecular Hair Restructurer technology. This will help to rebuild keratin bonds within your hair. It replenishes your essential amino acids. Furthermore, it fills in the ‘gaps’ where damage has previously occurred.


Soul Hair has branches in Chester and nearby Tarporley. Next time you are considering a haircut you won’t be disappointed to try Soul Hair.

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